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May 13, 2011 05:14 PM

Classic Car & Food Truck Fest Sunday: Rundown On These Trucks?

There will be a classic car show and food truck fest from 11 - 7 on Creekside Road in Valencia, which is apparently Valencia's car dealer row, Sunday as per this web page:

You can find the line up of food trucks that will there at this link:

Of the trucks listed, which trucks do hounds recommend and which trucks do hounds think should be avoided?

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  1. Go to Mercedes Benz, Ludo is also worth trying if you haven't.

    1. I went. Weather was fab! Even warmed up for awhile. Very well organized. And, I believe it was because trucks were spread out. 3 -4 were parked within each of the dealerships. Many also parked on the street. I'd say 1/2 mile ea. way up/down. Maybe 45 -50 trucks. Lines were very tolerable. I waited no more than 20 minutes which was at Fresh Fries.

      Winners for me:

      Fresh Fries - Right up there w/Benitas Frites. Hot, big bites, crispy out, soft in and not greasy! Had them straight up w/garlic aoli. Friend's daughter had the sweet potato fries with nutella and peanut butter-sounds funky BUT, it was delish!

      Fishlips- fresh easy to walk away with and kind staff. Spicy Tuna hand rolls @ 2.50 a piece! :) Could have eaten much more!

      Also tried:

      Komodo - chicken taco w/o the tortilla. Just ok. A little salty for me. Maybe better with the tortilla.

      Ludo Bites - Couldn't eat the fried chicken or bisquits but, tried the Jalapeno slaw. NOT a fan! :(

      Rosa's Bella Cucina-Took home a prosciutto slider for DH who didn't join us. He liked it wery much at dinner. Also got the tomato and cuc salad. For 4$ - it was ok. Plentiful/flavorful. Also took home to have w/dinner. (added to my left over salad from Golden States cuc and arugula) :)

      Wanted to try:

      Lake St. Creamery - Their Aztec Sacrifice Ice Cream sounded really good. :(

      Border Grill - Couldn't find :(

      Not like dinner at The Golden State two nights ago but, overall, a very nice day. No stress express!

      BTW- @ Golden State. Their S.P. friess are the bomb and try the Maple Toffee Ice Cream too!

      The Golden State
      426 N. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036

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        Border Grill was at the Mercedes Dealership which was further away than the one's on Creekside. Tried the quinoa fritters which were great.

        It was a really well planned event. We went a little past 11 because we didn't want to get stuck in horror show lines.

        Stayed until I think 1 and managed to try 7 trucks total.

        Border Grill
        1445 4th St., Santa Monica, CA 90401