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May 13, 2011 04:15 PM

Orlando FL (DisneyWorld) Kosher food options

I will be visiting Walt Disney World with my family in June. I would like to find out where most of you are eating your meals. I was not happy with Cohen's Deli, last year. Anyone tried Kosher Culinary?
Also interested in doing some shopping at supermarkets, either Publix or Whole Foods. Are there many kosher options there? Any advice would be appreciated!

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  1. Am surprised you did not like Cohen's - my wife and I go there a lot when we visit fam and we love it - friendly ppl, good food, good prices. Kosher Culinary is not the greatest. Food is good, but absolutely no ambience and is very overpriced with a limited menu, especially for kids (cheapest thing is a sandwhich for 16/17 bucks I think). They are also not open for lunch.

    We go grocery shopping at Publix and can usually get a good amount of the usual kosher stuff - cereals, drinks, snacks, etc. Not much in the way of cheeses/meats, only occassionally finding empire coldcuts. A lot of their baked goods (cakes, brownies, muffins) come from a facility that is under the ou.

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      The on-demand meals at the park IMO are the easiest to deal with if you're going to be in the parks most of the time. They are in one locations in each park such as Cosmic Ray's (MK), American Pavilion (Epcot), ABC Commissary (HS). Yes, they're cooked in a non-kosher microwave (they poke a small hole to vent) but they are double wrapped. Not much if anything was going to penetrate the way they wrap 'em (hard to open). There are also enough kosher snacks in the park (the ice cream that is kosher is clearly marked when you buy it, some fruit, Coke, some prepackaged stuff, etc.) At the sit down restaurants (I didn't do any) you can often get kosher meals with 24-hour notice.

      I was just there and the quality of those on-demand meals improved a bit from the last time I was there. Mind you, it's not the best food ever but I didn't have time to go to any of the local places. They're better than some of the options I've had on airlines over the year. But far from gourmet. So you have to weigh convenience vs. going outside.

      Better than the story in Disneyland.

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        So what would you say the quality of the meals was? Will my semi- picky husband be okay with them? So confused if we should bring food or eat in the parks...!

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          They won't win any awards, but they aren't bad.

    2. Kosher culinary is ok, more expensive. They also have a small grocery section.
      Whole foods has the kosher valley turkey and chicken.
      The publix down the street from the whole foods on sand lake should have offerings.
      Target at Millenia mall has some kosher deli meats and cheese. ( forget the brand - not empire) For cheese you can go to winn dixie at 17/92 in fern park or the publix on 434 and montgomery in longwood.

      1. Sorry you didn't like your experience at Cohen's. I'm also surprised since we've had fantastic meals there, even during the busiest time of Succos. We do buy stuff at Publix but usually milchig (cholov stam) stuff. If you want meats or cholov yisroel you need to head to the Millenia Super Target. For more ideas, you can go to and click the tourist food info links.

        1. I was not thrilled with the kosher options but its been a few years since I bothered. For the parks I usually bring a loaf of bread a jar of peanut butter and a jar of strawberry jam. Before I go back to my room I drop by Publix and buy dinner. One can buy in New York Meal Mart items that do not need refrigeration and is more tasty than the restaurant options. I usually book a suite so it has a full kitchen with a full size frig so I can load up on eggs, milk cereal, yogurt, fruit, vegies, sodas, and a nice variety of Amy's frozen pizzas and vegetable dishes.

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            theyre not chalav yisroel, but the publix boxed mac and cheese is ou

            so if you have a full kitchen, its an easy option

            also, if your kids eat mac anc cheese back home, its way way cheaper than wacky mac, and it might be worth it to go home with some

          2. Cohens is fantastic for an out of town place. Prices are reasonable as well