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May 13, 2011 03:45 PM

North Bay

Hi all,

I'm a foodie from Montreal working in Temiscaming in June. Any restaurants to try in North Bay while I'm up there??


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  1. Churchill's Prime Rib, and Ivan's. Alpha and Omega.

    1. Chicago Cafe
      Greco's Pizza
      Jack Tennant's Steak House

      1. I had falafel and a za'atar manakeesh at The Cedar Tree (Lebanese http://www.cedartreelebaneserestauran... 183 Main St. E.) when I was there over Easter. Cheap and casual. There's a newish Sushi Island at 169 Main St that's popular with students. Twiggs coffeeshop has two branches now: http://www.twiggs.ca/ . It's super simple but I like getting sandwiches at Demarcos Confectionary (Italian grocer with old-school lunch counter) at 348 Algonquin. Spotted Vietnamese pho spot Miss Saigon http://www.misssaigon.ca/ across from Value Village but didn't pop my head in. Indra's Curry House at 454 Main St. E. looks promising: http://indrascurryhouse.com/