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May 13, 2011 03:45 PM

North Bay

Hi all,

I'm a foodie from Montreal working in Temiscaming in June. Any restaurants to try in North Bay while I'm up there??


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  1. Churchill's Prime Rib, and Ivan's. Alpha and Omega.

    1. Chicago Cafe
      Greco's Pizza
      Jack Tennant's Steak House

      1. I had falafel and a za'atar manakeesh at The Cedar Tree (Lebanese http://www.cedartreelebaneserestauran... 183 Main St. E.) when I was there over Easter. Cheap and casual. There's a newish Sushi Island at 169 Main St that's popular with students. Twiggs coffeeshop has two branches now: . It's super simple but I like getting sandwiches at Demarcos Confectionary (Italian grocer with old-school lunch counter) at 348 Algonquin. Spotted Vietnamese pho spot Miss Saigon across from Value Village but didn't pop my head in. Indra's Curry House at 454 Main St. E. looks promising: