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May 13, 2011 02:11 PM

Where can I find Yeo's soymilk can in NY?

I prefer the taste of Yeo's soymilk than a brand like Silk, and like the fact that it's in a can for portability. I was able to find Yeo's in places like H-mart, but havent seen it in years. i've seen it in some Asian markets in nj & ny but in a box container, not the can. Has anyone else seen it in can form?

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  1. If you're still looking... I've also only seen the boxes in person -- at HK Supermarket in Chinatown, for instance -- but the cans are sold by the carton on Amazon.

    Incidentally, I like the soy flavor of Yeo's, too, but find it extremely watered down, which may be why the 32 oz. boxes are usually half the price of other brands. I also fear that they use GMO / non-organic soybeans (which constitute at least 60%+ of the world's soybean crop); naturally the FDA requires no labeling either way.