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May 13, 2011 02:04 PM

Anyone tried St. Eve's in Ho-ho-kus yet?

I've watched the construction going on for what seems like years. The chef is Steve Christianson, who was at the Citrus Grille in Airmont, and it looks to be open for dinner only at this point. A reasonably priced high-quality restaurant would be just the ticket for the area. Plus it has its own parking lot and it's a BYO next to one of my favorite wine stores.

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  1. We just tried it this Saturday night, and I have to tell you- I was disappointed. The restaurant is gorgeous, beautiful room, the colors are great and it has such a terrific feel. The first thing that struck me as odd was that the podium overlooks the restaurant so when you walk in, the maitre d has his back to you- making it less than welcoming. Although as the evening progressed, I could see this was a theme as I was less than impressed by his skills.

    Our waiter, Jeff was wonderful. The menu is fantastic. Such promise. I also love that many of the entrees can be ordered in a half portion. The dishes have some great flavors listed and it was a real struggle to figure out what to order as everything sounded so good. I finally settled on the tuna tataki and the hangar steak. Both were good, nothing out of this world - but good solid dishes. The hangar steak did come with a yucca that was just too overwhelming for the dish imo, but overall good dishes. My husband on the otherhand ordered the beet salad which he enjoyed and then followed it with the salmon. Unfortunately, the salmon was underseasoned and overcooked. It was just a dry mess. Dessert was the hit of the night for him- the butterscotch pudding was mouth watering and just hit the spot. I had the special, frozen key lime pie. While not offensive, I came away deciding I much prefer a creamier key lime as opposed to the frozen version.

    This was where our dinner started to fall apart. We received the check and realized that after our waiter took the credit card, about 20-30 minutes passed with no word. It turned out that there was a problem processing the credit cards that evening and the system had gone down. I am usually very forgiving of issues like this, but what bothered me was that it took almost 30 minutes for anyone to approach the table to apologize or fix the situation. It was another 10 before the lovely owner came over to offer us a cup of coffee while we were waiting. We were still confused as to why they couldn't call it in, use a carbon print etc - and we also noticed that other tables were in our same boat. The maitre d didn't seem to care at all and instead was more interested in the private party that was going on at the same time. Finally, we insisted on our cards back- and gave them our information. At this point, the owner and waiter were indeed apologetic- had this been the case from the beginning, I believe I wouldn't have had such a sour taste in my mouth.

    Will I try it again, perhaps if friends suggest it for a night out- but I don't think I will be seeking it out anytime soon. There are other options in the area that I would return to first. I was really saddened as I loved the room, thought the menu looked fantastic- but just a poorly executed evening.

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      30 minutes would probably seem like 2 hours if you're sitting at a table, done with dinner, and waiting for someone to come over.

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        I actually plan on visiting St. Eve's in one of the upcoming weekends. I have heard nothing but great things from friends of mine living in Ridgewood. Beautiful design, very interesting menu and excellent food sound too good for me to avoid due to a kink in a very newly opened restaurant. The owners ran a great business in the past (Citrus Grill) and I'm confident they will do the same here.

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          Had dinner at St. Eve last Friday night. It was excellent. Absolutely excellent. I enjoyed everything -- service, environment, ambiance, food, you name it. We were a party of seven, and there was an even larger party next to us, but it was not too loud, deafening or anything of the like.

          I had the filet mignon, spinach, with a poached egg and hollandaise sauce appetizer. Wonderful flavor, especially the filet (of course the filet not known for being an flavorful cut of meat). It was grilled I believe, but whatever it was it was good. The sauce was perfect, not overly heavy or "too rich" that it overpowered anything or everything else. Another appetizer was the special -- a lobster ravioli -- was also excellent.

          For my entrée, I had the grilled hanger steak. It was served with a potato-onion pie-style creation. It was very good. Very flavorful as well. Instead of the creamed corn, I went with basic vegetables. My friends had the venison in wine sauce, salmon in a mustard sauce, butternut squash ravioli, and another special.

          For desert, it was their version of a chocolate soufflé and a bread pudding. Both very good. We had some excellent wines -- an 03 Dominus and a 96 d'Yquem. This is a BYO place and there's a liquor store in the same plaza/building. We brought ours from home, LOL. I enjoyed the place very much and will absolutely go back. Excellent all around. One of the best restaurants I've been to in Bergen County.

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            I also had dinner at St.Eve's last month and was blown away by our entire meal. It can be a little loud, as it was full to capacity on a Thursday night when I was there, but this is to be expected at any restaurant that has every seat filled. The portion sizes of our entrees were huge and everyone in my party (5 altogether) loved everything. For my appetizer I had the filet mignon ravioli special, nothing more to say besides excellent. This was offered in a small or large portion, as most entrees were, which is great. For my entree, I had the sea scallops. Again, excellent. Sauce was delicious and everything was cooked to perfection. I did not have dessert because I was beyond full but others at my table did and loved them (butterscotch pudding and rootbeer float). Service was on point and the night was very smooth. I highly recommend visiting St. Eve's as I will return again soon.

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              That was the other dessert! Thanks.

        2. This story reminded me of the credit card machines in Europe that they bring right to the table. The transaction is conducted right in front of you and that's the end of the story. But it's doubtful that we'll ever see that here. Sounds like a fraud reducer as well...

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            They bring it to your table at Legal Seafood, great idea.

          2. Thanks, scholar -- I think I'll wait and see if they work out the kinks over time. Meanwhile, a local food blogger who is known for accepting freebies has given it a rave on his blog. No surprise there ...

            1. The original comment has been removed