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CHARCUT Roast House Calgary

Has anyone ever tried this restaurant? I hadn't heard of it until Top Chef Canada introduced Connie from here! I looked at the menu, and it is way beyond our budget for eating out, but it seems nice.
Is anyone else rooting for Connie? :)

CHARCUT Roast House
101 9 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2G 1B8, CA

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  1. Love CHARCUT! If you're concerned about budget, try going for a weekday lunch--they have $15 and $25 set lunch menus that are quite filling. The offering changes every day.

    (And, yes, Connie is my favourite on Top Chef Canada. Doesn't hurt that she's a hometown girl!)

    1. Go Connie Go! Charcut is fantastic! Follow them on twitter to find out when they're doing Alley Burgers. : )

        1. Fantastic restaurant. Connie came to our table to say hi (this was pre-Top Chef). She seems a bit shy and very calm, which is why I think she is doing so well on the show. Love her, love the restaurant. Best homemade pickles ever! (Well, everything is great.. I just love pickles!)

          1. I finally went after reading the raves about it for a long time, way before Top Chef. Everything was fantastic! We went for lunch and for two full meals plus 2 glasses of house wine , it was only $65. Well worth it. P.S. Rooting for Connie to take it all!

            1. If you haven't gone, I can't suggest it soon enough. A definite gem for me, and something I'd almost drive from Edmonton for. The bone marrow and house pickles were fantastic!!

              1. Don't let the menu prices fool you. There are some outstanding values to be had at Charcut. We often go and just graze off the starters. The pickles are great, as are the olives. We have never NOT ordered the pigs head mortadella; it's way too good to be ignored.

                1. It is still a little expensive for us. We are a one income family, so $9 for a bowl of soup is pretty off-putting. Also, some of the stuff they serve ie: bone marrow and pig head mortadella and other such stuff seems gross to me. I used to think I was a fairly adventurous cook and eater, until I joined Chow, and now I realize I know NOTHING! My sensitive stomache also doesn't help. If something seems gross to me, then my stomache won't even let me contemplate consuming it. I guess I am not as good as I thought. LOL

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                    I think you'll find Chowhound pushes what might have been your comfort zone - not everything discussed here is going to suit your tastes - but you will find it leads to an expansion of that zone... maybe not to bone marrow but smaller steps like really good BBQ at Holy Smoke, coffee at Phil & Sebastian's or macarons at Yann Haute Patisserie.

                    In case you're curious the alley burgers I mentioned above are $5 - you can read about it here: http://ugonnaeatthat.com/2011/01/28/c...

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                      I love this place! It can be a little expensive but that's to be expected in downtown Calgary. But keep in mind, it is superior quality food. Everything is made on site; sausages, pickles, even the goat cheese! I agree with you that pigs head mortadella sounded absolutely revolking, especially with a pig head staring at you from the kitchen fridge! But it's AWESOME! I normally hate sausage and deli meats but this meat is sliced super super thin and piled high. It's got flecks of pistachio through out, served with french loaf slices. The poutine is so good too (I believe poutine will be the challenge on Top Chef tomorrow - May 16). The raclette cheese with homemade brioche is another one of my favorites. I could just live off the brioche alone! The bone marrow butter is good. I can do without the actual bone marrow bone dish but the marrow butter is nice.

                      The lunch is a real bargain if you're on a budget. Hopefully you make it down before Connie wins Top Chef and the place is booked for months in advance!

                    2. One of my fave (if not even my fave) restaurants in Calgary. I just moved to Edmonton and had two of my going away dinners there... Connie is fabulous and yes like a previous poster, also had her visit our table about a year ago to say hi and see how everything is. Love that they are down to earth.

                      Must try's: Pig Head mortadella, Warm Raclette Cheese with homemade brioche, duck fat fried poutine, the applachian cocktail.

                      Other items I've tried and enjoyed: oysters, beet/goat cheese salad, tuna conserva, prime rib, roast chicken, and vanilla creme brulee.

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                        I also am a big fan of the restaurant and Connie - Lamb Ham and +1 for Poutine!!!! She was very nice when I met her at BBQ on the Bow prior to Charcut opening. Go Connie Go!!!

                      2. Had my birthday meal here a few weeks ago and was blown away. Not a huge prime rib fan but I decided to try it and was one of the most tender and flavourful cuts of meat I have ever had the pleasure to eat. It had an incredible light smoky flavour with just the right amount of fat for prime rib. All the sides were good especially the poutine with real cheese curds and a delicious truffle gravy. It was expensive but the quality and service you receive makes it worth it in my books. Connie still comes out of the kitchen to talk to each table after service which is a really nice touch. They also serve AMAZING coffee here, my mother was so impressed she wants to go back just for the coffee!

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                          Thanks for this, I was wondering how the prime rib was. Done right, it's awesome!

                        2. Ah, Charcut! In my opinion this is one of the best restaurants in the city. :) The food is excellent and while it's expensive, it's not AS expensive as lot of other restaurants in the same calibur. My whole family went for Christmas and we only spent a bit over 500. Considering we spent 700 at Il Sogno for a similar experience, it was a deal! One thing that's really wonderful about it is that they have an extensive beer list. Our server was very helpful with that... in fact, he was the best part of our stay, they have some wonderful waitstaff. I'm rooting for Connie too, heh!

                          1. Well, after all these great reviews, we may have to save up and try it, but no pig head stuff or bone marrow stuff, I am interested now, in trying the prime rib.
                            I was miffed in Top Chef Canada not showing Connie on the poutine challenge! I read about her duck fat fried poutine (or something like that) and was really curious as to whether or not she would serve that, but I was beginning to wonder if I missed an episode where she got kicked off!! I didn't even see her for the first 10 minutes of the show, and Chuck never tried her poutine or anything!

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                              The poutine is very rich and very good. And they have lots of good food that isn't stuff like pig's head or bone marrow. I had a beet and house-made goat cheese salad there, and it was heavenly.

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                                anyone know why Connie wasn't shown on Top Chef making poutine? I agree, it was like she wasn't even part of the show for the first bit. I guess in a competition I expect to see all the dishes that are made.

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                                  I noticed that a few times. They seem to cut her out most of the time. Others too.
                                  Never noticed that on the US TC.

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                                    It seems like they are cutting some of the quickfires for time reasons (mostly the people who end up somewhere in the middle). Derek Bocking told me that they didn't show what he had made in at least two episodes.