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May 13, 2011 01:30 PM

CHARCUT Roast House Calgary

Has anyone ever tried this restaurant? I hadn't heard of it until Top Chef Canada introduced Connie from here! I looked at the menu, and it is way beyond our budget for eating out, but it seems nice.
Is anyone else rooting for Connie? :)

CHARCUT Roast House
101 9 Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB T2G 1B8, CA

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  1. Love CHARCUT! If you're concerned about budget, try going for a weekday lunch--they have $15 and $25 set lunch menus that are quite filling. The offering changes every day.

    (And, yes, Connie is my favourite on Top Chef Canada. Doesn't hurt that she's a hometown girl!)

    1. Go Connie Go! Charcut is fantastic! Follow them on twitter to find out when they're doing Alley Burgers. : )

        1. Fantastic restaurant. Connie came to our table to say hi (this was pre-Top Chef). She seems a bit shy and very calm, which is why I think she is doing so well on the show. Love her, love the restaurant. Best homemade pickles ever! (Well, everything is great.. I just love pickles!)

          1. I finally went after reading the raves about it for a long time, way before Top Chef. Everything was fantastic! We went for lunch and for two full meals plus 2 glasses of house wine , it was only $65. Well worth it. P.S. Rooting for Connie to take it all!