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May 13, 2011 01:09 PM

Baby Food - cookbook?

Anyone got a rec for a good baby food cookbook? I'd like something that's good at mixing flavors, even if they are roasted and pureed.. and maybe a bit more adventurous - a nice flan, for example..

I do not want some baby-steamer-chopper kind of book.

I could probably cull existing cookbooks for soft-textured recipes, but would rather have something focused..


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  1. it's kind of something you just do whatever with. baby doesn't care if you mix avocado, papaya, and banana. just have fun with it. i will say my daughter didn't like anything sour at that age. anything soft can be eaten raw, which is even better. no salt or sugar are needed.
    I used to make a lentil puree with brown lentils, root vegetables, garlic and parsley.these were all cooked a long time (started garlic and parsley in olive oil) then pureed. She's a pretty good eater now. her first food was plain sweet potato mixed with breast milk. she ate a lot of plain whole fat yoghurt mixed with almond butter and baby cereal.
    (bananas and rice cereal are constipating we stuck with oatmeal or mixed grain baby cereal).

    1. This was my favorite: Cathe Olson's Simply Natural:

      1. First Meals by Annabel Karmel, or one of her other books, might be what you are looking for. Also Feed Me I'm Yours (can't think of the author, sorry).

        I used Super Baby Food (Ruth Yaron?) as a reference (for what the kids could eat, at what age in months) and just made up my own combinations by thawing cubes of different purees.

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          I like Super Foods for Babies and Toddlers by Annabel Karmel.