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May 13, 2011 12:38 PM

Good Eats going off the air.


From alton browns twitter
"G.E. fans, I've decided to cut the half hour series at 249 eps. There will be 3 new 1 hour eps this year and that's it. But mourn not. New things brew on the horizon..."good" things."

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  1. Probably a good decision...the show was sort of running on fumes. I know what you mean, though...the quality of TFC offerings seems to have fallen off a cliff, and I find even the clunkiest re-runs of GE's more watchable than Chopped, Cupcake Wars, etc.

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      I can think of 12 foods he hasn't touched but I'm a Good Eats geek who has been known to pray to Shirley Corriher. Ive noticed that it went from every night to just Monday night at 11:00pm and now its at 11:30 and they are often reruns, so I assumed that a change was imminent.

      I remember seeing the potato episode and wondering who is this guy. Thank you for everything that you did Alton.

    2. I figured this must be in the wind, based upon the fact that GE hasn't even been playing in prime time. Bummer.


        I can at least think of five season of things that he hasn't done yet on the top of my head!!!

        Now what is his twitter?

        1. Good. Now I no longer have any reason to ever tune into FN.

          1. It's now official - there's nothing worth watching on Food Network.