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Good Eats going off the air.


From alton browns twitter
"G.E. fans, I've decided to cut the half hour series at 249 eps. There will be 3 new 1 hour eps this year and that's it. But mourn not. New things brew on the horizon..."good" things."

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  1. Probably a good decision...the show was sort of running on fumes. I know what you mean, though...the quality of TFC offerings seems to have fallen off a cliff, and I find even the clunkiest re-runs of GE's more watchable than Chopped, Cupcake Wars, etc.

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      I can think of 12 foods he hasn't touched but I'm a Good Eats geek who has been known to pray to Shirley Corriher. Ive noticed that it went from every night to just Monday night at 11:00pm and now its at 11:30 and they are often reruns, so I assumed that a change was imminent.

      I remember seeing the potato episode and wondering who is this guy. Thank you for everything that you did Alton.

    2. I figured this must be in the wind, based upon the fact that GE hasn't even been playing in prime time. Bummer.


        I can at least think of five season of things that he hasn't done yet on the top of my head!!!

        Now what is his twitter?

        1. Good. Now I no longer have any reason to ever tune into FN.

          1. It's now official - there's nothing worth watching on Food Network.

            1. I'd love to see every full season available on DVD . . . what is that, 20 seasons? More? Geez, that would probably give me a lifetime supply of stocking stuffers for Mr. Centralpadiner. That would be great!

              I have to admit that I haven't watched in a long time. But that's because I've pretty much stopped watching FN.

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                AFAIK, you can watch every episode, in it's entirety, legally, for free on line. Simply google Good Eats episodes and you should find them. (Many of them are posted in 2 parts)

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                  I know they're all on YouTube, but afaik they're just fan recordings and not legal. I think Alton at one point implied that he knew about them and didn't mind, but how are they legal?

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                    I am pretty late getting back to you...however, maybe I was mistaken.

                    I remember Alton in an interview saying that he basically did not make any money from the show and that any profits he sees comes from all of the extras (books, appearances, etc.). Anyway, I had though he said that all of the shows were available online...maybe he meant that you can order them online, or maybe I have the whole thing confused.

                    So, I guess, take what I asserted with a grain of salt.

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                      I'm sure by "did not make any money" he meant "no profits". As host, I'm certain he received a substantial (6+ figure) salary as part of the regular production cost of the show. He probably got director and producer fees as well. Unless he was an idiot when he signed the contract, he's getting a cut of DVD revenue too.

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                        o, what he was saying is that all of the profits from the show (which come after salaries, including his own, are paid) are invested (or, re-invested, if you want) back into the show.

                        However, things like the Feasting series, the books, Iron Chef America (where, I believe, he simply gets a salary), DVDs, etc., he actually "profits" from them.

              2. Alton say it ain't so. I will miss GE, I watched a rerun "Sweet & Salty" at 2:30 am (couldn't sleep) should have known it was on its way out. harder to find on TV now.

                1. Mixed emotions. The show is interesting but I can do without Alton's annoying shtick.

                  1. Bummer....but we'll trust him that there are better things on the horizon.

                    Maybe he got tired of sucking up at Food TV and is taking it to some other channel.

                    1. Subject line isn't quite right. He's going to stop making new episodes, but that does not mean that reruns will stop. When I last looked there were 13 episodes in the latest season. I think the max was 24 per season. So right now, if GE is on, there is a good chance it will be a rerun. I don't think that will change much in the near future.

                      Think of all the other shows that you have seen Alton on - ICA, NIC, 3 feasting series. Nearly 250 episodes for one series is not a bad stopping point.

                      1. its already been said, but there is officially nothing left worth watching on food network.

                        1. GE is my favorite FN show. But I knew when he had an episode on toast that it had to end sooner or later!

                          1. I learned a tremendous amount from that show. I too would like to see it on DVD.

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                                Thanks for that link! I need to order that. My son loves to "cook" along with me and he gets my explainations about how and why we are doing certain things. I suspect he would get a kick out of Alton's show.

                            1. Wait, I see a lot of articles saying that Alton tweeted this as his first post on Twitter. But his first post on Twitter (@altonbrown, verified) is about cream cheese. In fact, none of his tweets mention cancellation.

                              Maybe it got deleted?

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