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May 13, 2011 12:36 PM

Mastro's Beverly Hills - what to Order?

I'm going to dinner at the Beverly Hills Mastro's for the first time with 3 other guests. What are your recommendations? Any board favorites? I've been told the lobster mashed potatoes are amazing, but I'd love to hear other suggestions on what to order.

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  1. oh boy. the gnocchi with truffles is fantastic. the seafood tower, obviously (the shrimp are huge - and unlike most huge shrimp, very flavorful and sweet!) - and i like the oysters rockefeller as a starter, too. im a big fan of the bone-in ribeye. and the warm butter cake for dessert! enjoy!

    1. Bone-in ribeye is their signature cut... for good reason: It is a fantastic steak. And if you don't finish it there, no problem! Just take the rest home and make fried rice out of it the next day!

      Also order the seafood tower, if your wallet is so inclined. Truly impressive.

        1. For steaks, order the bone-in ribeye if you like fatty flavorful cuts of beef. Order the bone-in filet if you like more lean cuts of beef. Both are excellent. The ribeye would be my choice.

          For sides, their lobster mashed potatos are indeed very good. So is their creamed corn, mushrooms, and asparagus.

          They're also known for their seafood towers. If you're not picking up the bill, definitely get one. It's a good medley of prawns, oysters, crab legs, etc. You can customize to your liking as well.


          1. I personally love a good NY strip, not as fatty as ribeye but more marbling than a filet. And geez, the one I had in the Costa Mesa location in January was FANTASTIC! Very good crust and almost no waste on a NY strip.

            For sides, if you don't go with the lobster mashed potatoes (I've haven't had it), the Mastro's potatoes, basically mashed potatoes that are loaded baked potato flavored are delicious. The crab gnocchi is also very good, very rich.

            Mastros Restaurant
            2087 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91362