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May 13, 2011 12:05 PM

Cleveland - lunch near the Rock HOF on a Sunday

Wanted to go to Sokolowski's but they are closed Sunday. I'm planning to go to Rock HOF on my way to the airport. Last time I was there 4 years ago, there didn't seem to be restaurants at all nearby.

I suppose I could go to the cafe at the hotel nearby that I stayed at. Hilton? Holiday Inn?

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  1. This is a good question. You might check to see whether there's going to be an Indians game that day. If there is an afternoon game, you might be able to grab some food at one of the sports bars/pubs downtown (Harry Buffalo, Flannery's) (although the food won't knock your socks off)-- I'd call ahead to see if they'll be open.

    There are several restaurants on East Fourth (between Prospect and Euclid) but the ones I can think of off the top of my head are only open for dinner on Sundays.

    Unfortunately that's all I can think of within walking distance of the HOF. I am going to keep pondering this and hopefully will have some more ideas. You might have more options in Tremont area (same neighborhood as Sokolowski's) but I am never there on Sundays and so have no idea what would be open. Sorry I can't be more helpful!

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      If you were open to going to Sokolowski's, which is in Tremont, I would suggest instead going to Lucky's or Grumpy's. Both are breakfast/brunch places. Lucky's is more expensive and has a more foodie, smaller menu and longer waits but both are good.

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        "Longer waits" is something of an understatement. I've tried to go a couple times recently and the wait times were ridiculous.

        I prefer the new Turkish place that's a couple steps away. I'd been meaning to go and finally went after I went to Lucky's and found that the wait was 3 days.

        I would prefer the Turkish place even if the wait weren't a consideration.

        I liked Lucky's a long time ago, but I ultimately decided that their dedication to locavore principles just didn't translate to quality on the plate. I remember a bland breakfast casserole dish. Dry and bland ham sandwich. Dry and bland meatloaf sandwich. I've been pretty uniformly disappointed when I tried Vine and Bean (their sister restaurant) on weekdays. I've had good waffles at Lucky's on a Sunday, but the waffles I had at Vine and Bean (don't remember the day of the week) were nothing short of an insult, as was the breakfast sandwich that I had on a weekday.

        In all fairness, I wouldn't have endured so much mediocrity if I hadn't also had some good food too, but mostly I kept going because I never had to wonder about the provenance of their ingredients and sometimes that was enough for me. That's just not enough when the wait is crazy long.

        Anyway, I don't have nearly as much experience with the Turkish place, but it's all been positive. In fact, two visits consisted of variations on their doner so I haven't made too much progress through their menu. Still, it's excellent doner and the other stuff I've had has also been good. And I've been hearing good things. Based on three total visits its easily one of my favorite Middle Eastern restaurants in the area and also my favorite restaurants in Tremont.

        Lucky's Cafe
        777 Starkweather Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113

        Istanbul Grill
        2505 Professor Ave, Cleveland, OH 44113