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May 13, 2011 10:44 AM

Suggestions for Chipotle-style burritos in Vancouver


I'm pretty keen for a Chipotle type burrito right now, and wonder if anyone has any suggestions?

I've tried Chronic Tacos (mediocre) , Mucho Burrito (new on Davie- mediocre), and Salsa and Agave (horrendous). I've been to Dona Cata, and the rest of the authentic-er places and unfortunately, someone forgot to tell Mexicans that Californians basically improved their food to such a degree that it no longer resembles what is to be found in El Homeland.

Any suggestions? I am not looking for authentic Mexican at all -- I'd happily buy this burrito at a wig shop if it was as good as Chipotle.

Salsa and Agave
1223 Pacific Blvd, Vancouver, BC V6Z, CA

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    1. Hmmmnnn ... i'm not sure what a "chipotle" type burrito is offhand ... but I did discover an "authentic" Mexican place in, of all places, a sketch-ier part of Surrey last week and it's not bad at all. Seems to be run by authentic types too.

      Taqueira Jalisco is the name:

      13646 Grosvenor Road Surrey, BC - (604) 580-0840

      Just over the Pattullo. I had the special which was a Chorizo Quesadilla and it was decent. Should have had the Burrito instead which was what I was going for.

      If you go, lemme know how it is! Just be aware that I was accosted by a mentally ill person while waiting outside. Best to wait inside for your food or eat in. There's seating for ~ 15-20 inside.

      I quickly found some yelp reviews.

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        Bill, Chipotle is a burrito chain in the US. Right now I think it is only in the US but wouldn't be surprised if it gets here soon as it is quite popular there. They use a subway style of putting together your burrito behind glass with you requesting what you'd like on it. When I lived in the US 8 years ago, I remember it being a fresh and healthy alternative to other fast foods and it was quite tasty. They use local farms for pasture raised meat and use sustainable practices. I know a lot of our friends who like to eat it as a quick cheap lunch when they are visiting the US. I hope we get one soon or even something like it. As much as Vancouver likes it's local sustainable way of eating, I have yet to see it in practice in less expensive restaurants that cater to the mainstream.

          1. re: brokentelephone

            Hmm, I may need to give those a try next time I'm States-side. I usually avoid chains but this sounds pretty good!

          2. re: selena03

            Agree with everything from selena. I noticed this place last week at 988 Davie (at Burrard and across from one of the bin 94_) that looks promising. Just opened for over a month. Hope to check it out. The meat choices are enticing.

            1. re: el_lobo_solo

              I went to Mucho Burrito the other day -- it was OK. Somehow, the flavours just didn't meld well together.

              I tend to avoid beans in my burritos so I am pretty critical of the rice component b/c it forms the bulk of my burrito, and the rice at Mucho Burrito was pretty average (they aren't using the right grain -- they should be using a basmati but they're using like an uncle bens type rice). Their salsas were OK, and the meat (chicken) was tender, but strangely spiced.

              I would return for another try, but it would be more a reconnaissance mission to see if they've improved rather than because I really liked the food.

        1. The original comment has been removed