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May 13, 2011 10:38 AM

Lychee Ice Cream or Sorbet

I am missing my lovely wife, who is traveling in Thailand right now and enjoying lychee ice cream as often as she sees it in there. It's high season for that fruit in Thailand right now.

Does anyone know if any of our great ice cream shops have available now, or frankly have 'ever' had, lychee ice cream or sorbet? Not interested in the factory made stuff in the asian markets. Have had it, don't want it.

Jonesing for a fresh fix, if ya dig me.



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  1. Cafe Kem has Lychee frozen yogurt on their menu. Not ice cream, but may be the closest thing you'll find.

    Otherwise if you know where to find fresh lychee ( I have only ever seen them canned) I'd be interested in finding a recipe for homemade!

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      Dragon Star in St Paul sometimes has fresh lychee.