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May 13, 2011 09:48 AM

Need mustard greens recipes

So, I was overly ambitious and planted seven red mustard plants in the garden -- and they're all vigorous and heading for bush-like status. Clearly, I must start eating them. I know they're great in Asian dishes, but what else can I do with these? i'll be eating them all summer... Please share your favorite way to eat these!

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  1. I mostly braise them with various flavor profiles but a friend grows lots and pickles them ; delish!
    She uses this recipe:

    1. You can cook mustard greens like collards or eat them as a salad with a bracing vinaigrette. You can stuff it with rice and meat much like chard or grape leaves. You can add the leaves to miso soup. But mostly I make a simple dry curry out of them (sarson ka saag) and eat them with corn tortillas or roti.

      1. While this says collards, I do this recipe with Mustard Greens all the time (or a combo)... it is a WONDERFUL recipe:

        1. One more! Try this with your greens, not chard... also terrific:


          This pasta below is a current favorite of mine. I often make it with Swiss Chard, but I love it with any kind of greens (A mixture of greens, all kinds...mustard, spinach, beet, etc - is also terrific. I love it with beet greens alone.)

          Slice the chard/kale/etc about twice the size of matchsticks... it doesn't have to be exact, you could tear it, even.

          Then, saute it in a mixture of olive oil and butter with chopped onion, garlic (chopped or slivered) and as they cook down, add chopped parsley. (I often add a variety of herbs, though just italian parsley works great. If I have them, I also add chopped tomatoes.)

          Then toss it with fresh cooked pasta and grated parmesean or pecorino.

          You can also add a little wine or chicken or vegetable broth about halfway through the saute for additional flavor.

          This is very tasty.

          1. Here is my Punjabi mustard greens recipe: This dish doesn't have a lot of spices and seasonings. It isn't meant to be nose-run inducing hot. The greens are the star of the show here.

            Ingredients:2 lbs or so mustard greens, washed and chopped1 lb spinach, washed and chopped (you could do 3 lbs mustard if you don't mind the strong taste)
            1 tsp garlic paste
            1 tsp ginger paste2 fresh tomatoes pureed
            1 tsp red chile powder (or to taste)
            2 tbs finely ground cornmeal/maize flour
            4 tbs butter OR butter flavored low fat substitute (I use Olivio Spread)
            2 tbs oil for frying
            salt to taste

            Method:You boil the mustard and spinach together until it softens, then puree it with some of the cooking liquid. Reserve extra cooking liquid for later (so you don't pour away all of the vitamins, also). Now heat the oil and ginger/garlic pastes. When these turn golden, quickly add in the red chile powder, then before it burns, stir in the tomato puree. Cook the tomato puree on high heat for a few moments until the oil rises to the top of it. Now add the mustard green/spinach puree. Mix well, add in a your salt and the cornmeal. Mix well. You will need to add 1 to 1.5 cups or so of the cooking liquid. Then just lower heat, cover, and simmer for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally. When it is done, stir in 3 tbs of your butter or low fat butter substitute. To serve, add shards of butter on top. Corn meal flat bread is traditionally eaten with this dish, but corn tortillas, whole wheat flat bread, or multigrain flat bread go well, too.