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May 13, 2011 09:21 AM

Best place to get produce?

I'm coming to Atlanta from DC Memorial Day weekend for a wedding, and I've volunteered to cook for the day-after, college-friends-reunion after-party. I'm really excited about this, and am planning on making a soup and some pissaladiere-like tarts. For one of the tarts, I'd like to do figs-and-caramelized onions, for another mushrooms-with-thyme -- you get the idea.

So, I'm looking for a place with really great produce. (I figure, if I get great produce, I won't have to work as hard to make the tarts terrific.) I'd especially love it if anyone had any leads on the best place to get figs at this time of the year.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Dekalb Farmer's Markey
    Buford Highway Farmer's Market

    You might need to get the figs at Whole Foods, but I don't know.

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      Yeah, that seems a little early for figs to be widely available. I had a tomato tart a couple weeks ago that was excellent- slightly oven dried mixed cherry tomatoes on manchego in a rustic tart form. That you could pull off. Or there's always strawberry rhubarb.

    2. Dekalb Farmer's Market. They also sell meats, cheeses and baked goods. Oh, and a huge selection of wine. Just remember, we still have a ban on Sunday alcohol sales.

      1. Thanks for everyone's advice. How about the farmer's market on Peachtree Rd. on Saturday mornings? Would that be any good? It sounds like it's very crowded. Any good tips on parking places?

        Thanks again for your help!

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          It's fun to go to, but they'll have just local stuff. DeKalb (aka YDFM) will have every kind of produce you could imagine from all over, with a good bit of organic. For strictly locavore, go to the St Philips market. To walk in and have your jaw drop at the sheer variety of produce, meat, seafood, cheese, etc, go to YDFM.