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May 13, 2011 09:18 AM

1 Full Day in Baltimore - Recs for 1st Timer?

My husband and I will arrive in Baltimore next Saturday night and leave first thing Monday morning - therefore we have 1 full day to enjoy Baltimore. Any can't miss places to visit? We love all types of food. I would like 1 nice restaurant for dinner on Sunday, maybe seafood? Any recs for a quick bite on Saturday night and during the day on Sunday would be appreciated. We will be staying at a condo located in the Inner Harbor.

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  1. Don't miss Lexington Market... Faidley's there is legendary for crab cakes. Oops! Nevermind... the market is closed on Sunday.

    Did you mean you are leaving first thing MONDAY morning??

    Lexington Market
    400 W Lexington St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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    1. re: woodleyparkhound

      Whoops! You're correct - getting there Saturday night, leaving Monday morning.

      1. re: krisrishere

        If you're not from a city with great delis, you can go to Attman's on Sunday. I made a stop there in the midst of my roadtrip once and really enjoyed it. I don't know if Charleston is open on Sundays but that's one of the best restaurants in Baltimore, if not the best.

      2. re: woodleyparkhound

        The Cross Street Market is open on Sundays. Large selection of raw oysters an clams, sushi, steamed and fried seafood accompanied by cold beer and cocktails. Great way to spend a Sunday, before or after you go up the hill to check out Ft. McHenry.

        1. re: flavrmeistr

          To clarify that, Cross Street Market is indeed closed on Sunday. However, Nick's at the east end is open. I'm not a fan though. I think they've gone way downhill over the last few years. Nick's was one of the reasons I moved to Federal Hill. Now I never bother.

          1. re: JonParker

            I still bother on occasion. It's a little expensive, but it's still fun. Not too many raw bars around anymore and Nick's has it all.

            1. re: flavrmeistr

              For oysters I go across the street to Ryleighs, which has a far better selection and a $1 oyster happy hour. I once got an oyster sandwich at Nicks that was three small oysters on white bread for $10. It was pathetic, especially compared to Ryleighs oyster loaf.

              I used to love Nicks before the last market remodel, when they hand breaded the fried shrimp and Bruce Lee Wings was tucked in the corner, but it just depresses me now.

              1. re: JonParker

                $1 oyster happy hour sounds pretty good. Thanks for the tip, Jon. Would that be across Light Street?

                1. re: flavrmeistr

                  It's on the other side of the harbor. between Light st and S Charles

                  1. re: kukubura

                    On the other side of the harbor? It's right across Cross street from the market, about halfway down.

                    1. re: JonParker

                      I just meant to orient it from where they're staying. It's not by Harborplace. It's on the other side.

      3. Bluegrass on Hanover Street is one of the best meals I've had recently. Also, Wine Market on Fort Avenue

        Wine Market
        921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

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        1. re: fedhillhound

          I may be geographically biased, but I think Blue Grass is one of the best places in town. It's a place that turns out consistently excellent food, and the charcuterie puts anyone else's to shame.

          1. re: JonParker

            I third Bluegrass--very good service and great food!

          2. re: fedhillhound

            I forth it! I may be a little biased too, though.

          3. JFX Farmer's market on Sunday morning. There is a huge thread discussing this near the top of the board.

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            1. re: 2000man

              This is absolutely the best thing you can do in Baltimore on a Sunday (or really any day.) This Farmers Market is easily one of the most impressive things in our city. There is a ton of good prepared food to eat. The fried fish guy is a personal favorite but there are lots.

              Also, on market days the next-door Hollywood Diner (the diner from Diner) uses that day's fresh produce from the market in their specials. Really nice omlettes and things.

              1. re: kukubura

                A hearty third for the JFX Market. It's a pretty incredible place. I do think, sadly, that the Hollywood Diner has closed.

                1. re: baltoellen

                  I saw it open last week I think. It does seem to come and go a lot though. And of course, I vote for the market too.

                  1. re: JonParker

                    It does appear that they are closed. There was no sign of life 10 minutes before their 8am opening time, and a peek through the window showed sections of booths stacked on the counter.

                2. re: kukubura

                  I miss the JFX farmer's market-- it is comparable to those in California in terms of size. You'll love it.

                  I would also suggest a quick trip to Woodberry Kitchen if you have the chance, as well as Bluegrass, and the Black Olive-- all great recommendations. If you want to do something artsy, the Walters Art Gallery is free and the American Visionary Art Museum is just wickedly cool.

                  Woodberry Kitchen
                  2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

                  Black Olive
                  814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

              2. The Black Olive would be a wonderful place for a nice dinner. We were there last weekend and enjoyed amazing seafood-- I especially recommend the Russ' scallop appetizer (perfectly grilled scallops) and the grilled shrimp appetizer (these are huge and delicious, but be warned, they are also expensive!!!). And if you like eggplant, the eggplant dip is a must! We all had delicious bronzini as our entree. The restaurant also has a fabulous wine list. After (or before) dinner, definitely stroll around the Fells Point area. It's a great place to walk around. And if you want something sweet, there is a fantastic gelato place in that neighborhood (Pitango Gelato).

                There are many excellent "quick bite" places. Do you have a specific cuisine or atmosphere in mind? That would help narrow them down!

                Black Olive
                814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

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                1. re: stephanieg

                  The Black Olive is very, very, good. It's not cheap though, if that matters.

                  Black Olive
                  814 S. Bond Street, Baltimore, MD 21231

                  1. re: Hal Laurent

                    I really, really like their taramosalata.

                  2. re: stephanieg

                    Pitango is great. Def, Chowhound type of ice cream place.

                  3. I could have sworn someone on here recommended B&O Brasserie. It's near your hotel and it's outstanding. The new chef is amazing and the bar chef is a national award winner for some of the most truly special cocktails you will ever have.

                    Fell's Point is a lovely neighborhood to stroll around during the day. Two places I often recommend there:
                    - Tortilleria Sinaloa, an awesome little storefront Mexican restaurant that I love love love
                    - Kooper's Tavern for totally rock-solid pub food elevated with really nice ingredients.

                    Kooper's Tavern
                    1702 Thames St, Baltimore, MD 21231

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                    1. re: kukubura

                      I like Duda's better than Kooper's. Though, I have eaten many meals at Koopers and like most of them very well. I had some burgers there on burger night that were that great. What did I expect on dollar burger night? Once and while, Friends used have a couple of good things on the menu.

                      1. re: 2000man

                        Friends is gone. That location now houses Sticky Rice.

                        1. re: 2000man

                          I've only ever had dried-out tough burgers and horrible service at Duda's - three separate occasions in three different years. Can't be coincidence.