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May 13, 2011 08:32 AM

Montreal Wedding Venues - Sept 2012


I am looking for some assistance. I am living in London but have family in Montreal who are doing a lot of work for us visiting wedding venues for our wedding in Sept 2012.
We just want good food and good dancing (attempted good dancing) in a nice venue. Probably looking at spending up to $125 per person (includes tax and service) for 120-140 people
We have researched/enquired/visited the following but would love anyones fresh ideas on anything not on this list in the Montreal area: Merci

Chateau Manoir Rouveille - great venue but felt room was a little old (carpeted and smelled a bit)
Lion D'or - Definite live option but unsure as the vicinity is a little "downbeat" (if you live there apologies but thats the view i have been told), and has no outside area (do i really need that anyway ?)
Rive-Sud La Prairie - Top of the list but quite expensive for a golf course and will come in a little over budget. might be easier to be downtown for guests.
Place D'armes - Nice terrace but the room is only so-so and nothing different or unique we felt.
Continental Hotel - to be visited but again just a hotel with a reasonably expensive menu.
Chateau Vaudreuil - A bit too king and queen themed - not for us.

Thinking of also renting a venue and organising a caterer which might work out better if we can just find the right place.

EcoMussee - loved it but only to 100 people and only background music allowed ( ie nothing loud to dance to supposedly)
Daylight Factory - Up to 60 people only
Bice Restaurant - No reply yet but the Garden on the rooftop looks great.
Bonsecours Market - No reply yet
Science Center - Looks nice and is an option but costs about $25/$30 a person before any food is oragnised.
Jean Drapeau - Liek above it comes in at about $25/$30 a person before any food is oragnised.

Does anyone know of good caterers. We have emailed Agnus Dei and they will be calling on monday so if we can find a venue that is pretty cool and trendy then maybe the caterer is the way to go. The only thing is that we would probably need a venue that would have tables/chairs at least as we are not living in Montreal so its quite hard to organise that stuff properly without meeting people unless the caterers can organise also.

Any help greatly appreciated and apologies for the length of this threead :-)

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  1. Bonsecours Market and Science Centre are basic spaces with nothing provided - you have to rent everything from the chairs and tables and dishes and glasses to the garbage cans and serving platters. Depending on your caterer, it might be doable in your price range, but it's an awful lot of work to organize it. Between the rental fees for the space, and for everything else, you're probably at half of your budget right there per person...
    I would be greatly surprised if Bice will fall within your budget, especially once you factor in the alcohol...
    While Le Lion d'Or is a little east of downtown, the area is okay (I wouldn't exactly live there, but I frequent Au Petit Extra, the attached restaurant). Depending on the weather in September, you might not want an outdoor space anyways.
    There are a few fairly recent threads on this board about wedding spaces and caterers with other options - if you do a quick search, you should find them.

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      Thanks Cherylmtl for the reply. very helpful

    2. I went to a wedding where they rented out the top of the restaurant Newtown. Not sure if they had it catered though. The place was really nice. Great view of the city and if you have a lot of out of town guests, lots of hotel options near by. Good luck!

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        thanks for the feedback Randa. I will have a look at what they have to say on their website first.

      2. I got married at Lion D'or and it was a very enjoyable experience.

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          thanks David, we are going to book this place on the weekend so its good to hear your feedback. Is there anything we should be aware of ( hidden costs or additionals we may get added !?) thanks

        2. I got married at the Lion D'Or, and they were awesome to work with. It has no outdoor space and whatever you feel about the neighbourhood (I live there so I love it but I know many don't), it is very central and easy to get to. If you can live without the outdoor space (you will have to give something up for sure, such is wedding planning), it is a great space and a very easy place to organize a wedding.

          1. Hi Alan,
            Le lion d'or's area is not great, but it's not horrible. Think of it like getting married somewhere in the less hip reaches of Shoreditch...
            Just so you know, Manoir Rouville is in St-Hilaire, about 45 mins drive out of Montreal.
            Have you looked into Chateau Ramezay ? I think the setting would be very nice (both inside and out - it's practically the oldest building in old montreal) , but I don't know anything about catering options.
            I got married at the McGill University Faculty Club. The people were nice and the room was beautiful, dancing and loud music possible until 1AM. The food was not great, but acceptable. I don't think they would allow outside catering. I think they would seat 120, but am not sure if they would much more.
            You might want to check other museums - Pointe-a-Calliere might be an option.

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              The university club would be a great place to look at too.

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                I'm pretty sure you have to be a member of the University Club to use the space. I don't think they rent to the general public.

                1. re: cherylmtl

                  You might be right, but I know that ten years ago I attended an event there and 99 percent of the people were not members. The sound system and food were amazing. The place is beautiful and would work very well for a wedding reception. It might be too expensive though...

                  from the website:
                  Special celebration

                  Special celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduations and weddings, can be held in the Club’s public or private rooms. For small groups, a special menu can be arranged even on short notice. For members celebrating their birthdays in the Main Dining Room, the Club offers a complimentary glass of sparkling wine for each person and a suitably inscribed cake will be prepared by our pastry chef at no additional charge.

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                    I forgot: your recon team might also want to check out the Mount Stephen club (who do rent to non-club members). Don't know about the food but am sure the rooms would have a lot of ambiance.

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                      You don't have to be a member to attend a function at the University Club - I've certainly been there more times than I care to recall - but you have to be a member to rent it, AFAIK.