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May 13, 2011 07:19 AM

Copper River Salmon - 2011 Season!


I must confess I am a Copper River Salmon-olic. I always eagerly await the arrival of this beautiful fish, then wait a week or two until the price is realistic. If you see Cooper River Salmon at grocery stores or in restaurants, could you please note the location and price here?

I did talk with Coastal Seafoods, and they said the first possible date for the river to open for fishing is May 18. The date, though, is not confirmed until the day before. If May 18 is a "go" they hope to have their first salmon on May 20.


Coastal Seafoods
74 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105

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  1. I too am a Copper River Salmon-olic. Should we form a support group? :-)

    Thanks for the info. Everything seems a bit behind this year. I still haven't seen my first Morels or first Copper River Salmon yet. I'll certainly be on the lookout.

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    1. re: Diana_mn

      I checked a couple sources in the last week, and most the fish are still ocean run, so hopefully temps steady, gas stays level and the fish will move into position. Morels were budding, but the cold temps are slowing growth, so if we get a nice day tomorrow, and decent temps early week, I would say late next week for morels.

      1. re: mitch cumstein

        morels were at mill city farmer's market today.

        1. re: soupkitten

          At $48 a pound! I missed them, as I got there a little late. Still, I think I would have bought some...

    2. Here's the weekly email from Coastal Seafoods:

      Friday and Saturday May 27th & 28th

      Fresh, Wild, Alaskan,

      Copper River Sockeye $17.99/pound

      (reg. $24.99)

      while supplies last

      Coastal Seafoods
      74 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105

      1. Was at Kowalskis (Grand Ave) yesterday and saw they had wild copper river salmon for $24.99 / lb. Really good looking fillets.

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        1. re: NugarifiK

          Kowalski's on Grand had it for $12.99 today.

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            I hit that sale up Sunday and brought 2 big filets over to my parents place for memorial weekend dinner. Had a great glaze recipe that I hadn't been able to use till now...had Dijon, blackberry blaze bbq sauce, cholula hot sauce, and chopped walnuts. Mom made Loring Pasta Bar's vegetarian orzo dish and some killer rhubarb crisp...great family meal.

        2. Grabbed a couple fillets this weekend from Coastal. Grilled very simply with a touch of olive oil, some salt and pepper . . . splashed a bit of lemon juice over them the last minute on the grill . . yum! Even my kids grudgingly agreed it was pretty darn good.

          So glad I grabbed enough for another dinner and threw them in the freezer. I'm thinking they won't last a week before I do it again.


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            I cooked mine up in similar style, sans lemon at the end. I grilled it over hardwood charcoal and a few pieces of applewood. Served it up with blueberry pico de gallo. Life is Good.