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May 13, 2011 06:37 AM

Sazon Recommendations

I am going to Sazon tomorrow with a friend who's been wanting to check it out. For anyone who has been there lately, any recommendations? I see that they have started serving Venezuelan tamales on weekends. Anyone tried them? They look intriguing.

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  1. We love the plantains with cheese, patacon, beef stew and the steak with sugar. Everything is great tho.

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      Thanks. We had a delightful time there. I hadn't been in years and left saying we must go much more often. We had the shrimp appetizer (garlic sauce to die for, and served w/plaintain chips), the patacon, and the arepa with pernil (that pork is just amazing). Topped it off with some of their amazing hot chocolate and a coconut flan. A lovely meal all in all. I have my eye on that beef stew--maybe next time.