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May 13, 2011 06:27 AM

What were your last three cookbook purchases...Part 2 [old]

Hello all, my name is buttertart m. and I'm a cookbook addict. And I'm proud and happy to be one since this addiction has added immeasurably to my life.

We've had a mighty good discussion of this topic (thanks, wekick, excellent topic, hope you don't mind me starting the new thread?) which hit almost 800 posts and is getting to be slow to load because of it. Here's a link to it:

My most recent finds were last Saturday at the Strand Bookstore in Manhattan which always had a very good cookbook section and now has a crazy good one. It had expanded a lot since the last time I was in the store. Anybody here who comes to NYC must visit this store if you are of a mind to be put in harm's way.

The books were the Time-Life "The Good Cook" series volumes on candy and cookies - I saw the bread one and should have gotten it too. They are in tiptop condition and are full of very good recipes, photos, and explanations of technique. This is a rebuy for me because I received the whole set as a gift from my mom and foolishly left it behind when we moved crosscountry years ago. Silly me.

So, what are you buying, and from where?

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  1. Artisan Bread Every Day - Peter Reinhart
    Mexican Kitchen- Rick Bayless
    Charcuterie- Ruhlman & Powlcin

    1. In preparation for the summer/fall harvests, I recently purchased two canning books:
      "Put 'em Up," and "Canning for a New Generation." Both are full of intriguing, contemporary recipes.
      (Maybe we should do a canning book for COTM this summer.)

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        That is something I have never done. My mom was a big canner. V good idea, pikawicca!

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          I recently got Canning for a New Generation and I really like it. The recipes are simple, made for small batches and are not heavily reliant on sugar or pectin. You'll enjoy it, I'm sure.

        2. Agree, time for part 2.
          I mentioned on another thread I use the Time Life books for my filing system. I use both the Good Cook and Food from the World for sections. I love those books and the Southern Living series too

          My last few from Goodwill
          Flatbreads & Flavors: A Baker's Atlas
          A a couple of the food editor's favorites by Barbara Gibbs Ostmann

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          1. re: wekick

            Hi wekick, glad you're not miffed I muscled in. That is a great tide on the filing by the way, when I bestir myself to get after my books I'll do the same.
            That "Lutheran in the title" still makes me smile.

          2. Classic Indian Cooking - Julie Sahni
            Authentic Mexican - Rick Bayless
            Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure - Lorna Sass

            I got the Sass book to make it easier to start using my new pressure cooker, but have since realized that many Indian dishes also work well. And pozole!

            The first two books are the result of my resolution to read through and cook a bit from books in the library whenever possible before buying. It's saved me from a bunch of cookbooks that sounded appealling, but would have just sat around unused. And it's also made it very clear which ones might be keepers. Thanks, buttertart, for feeding our habits. And thanks to you and others who promoted Eat Your Books here -- that's made a huge step forward in my actual cooking from books. (Along with padding my wishlist...)

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              My sister-in-law is from Kolkata and is a big pressure cooker advocate - her mom too.

            2. Thomas Keller - French Laundry Cook Book - Will most prb never make anything...quite amazing to see the effort gone into each conceptually simple dish..

              Lafcadio Hearn - Creole Cook Book - Ancient cookery recipes written in old New Orleans...No specifics...but some truly some traditional word-of mouth techniques.

              Jacques Pepin - La Technique - Need I say anymore? Like a manual on proper french techniques from the man who mastered it.

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                I still kick myself for having left La Technique behind in one of my many moves during the 1980s. Someday I'll put the combined edition on my list for Santa...

                1. re: ellabee

                  Oh boy...thats a tough one. My friend gave it to me as his dad used to cook. He had no idea how invaluable the lessons in the book are....I mean..he does some tiny things that make the dishes for you guest so nice. Shows to your friends/family that you really put the effort into something.