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May 13, 2011 05:54 AM

Excellent and not too expensive ribeyes a possible combination? Butcher or Grocery Store?

I am driving from Arlington to Reistertown on Rte 29 tomorrow and I need to pick up 8 or 9 good sized ribeye steaks, hopefully without breaking the bank. I would usually just grab a value pack at the Giant and put them in a cooler but I thought I would ask if there are any good butchers or grocery stores for beef between White Oak/Columbia/Ellicott City, or even in Reistertown itself.

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  1. Call today to reserve your order since these are on site butchers

    Laurel Meat Market (just off rte 1)
    347 Main St
    Laurel, MD 20707
    (301) 725-5855

    Boarman's Market (at rtes216&108)
    13402 Clarksville Pike
    Highland, MD 20777
    (301) 854-2883

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    1. re: MrsWheatie

      That didn't take long! Thanks, Mrs. Wheatie, I went to Boarman's reviews online, and they are exactly what I was looking for! I may pick up a pound or two of the home made sausage, as well.

        1. re: agarnett100

          I am dubious of the Amish Market. Ever since I noticed that their short ribs were identical to the ones at Sams Club (an unusual cut), I have suspected that they do not source and butcher their meat. If you have evidence to the contrary, I would love to be proven wrong.

          1. re: pgreen

            I can't really speak about the ribs since I usually cheat and buy them already cooked at the Amish Market. I usually only buy veggies and items not sold at Costco or Sam there like the pretzel logs

        2. re: Ziv

          We also like the 'tater and mac salads and the deviled eggs.

          1. re: MrsWheatie

            I like the pretzel dogs, mac n cheese, and the fresh baked goods

            1. re: MrsWheatie

              Oh no, I might not make it out the door! Deviled eggs and a good potato salad! This could be a rather big bag of stuff I walk out with.

        3. Do you know about the butcher at the Westover Market? If not you should definitely check it out.

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          1. re: ktmoomau

            I didn't until now, but I will check them out next week! I have been really good about getting my red meat consumption down to relatively low levels, and my cholesterol and weight have come down nicely. Somehow I think both are going to take a hit this coming week or two...
            All things in moderation, including moderation.

          2. Treuth & Sons in Ellicott City/Oella on Oella Avenue is a good beef retailer/wholesaler. They have a retail store in the front of their slaughterhouse.

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            1. re: treetop tom

              They look very good and their reviews are outstanding. Boarman's vs. Treuth.
              Treuth vs Boarman's. This could take a while.

            2. Go to Costco and pick up a whole prime rib and cut your own steaks. Costco meat is better quality than you get in the supermarket and the prices are pretty decent. Figure about 1 1/2" per steak.

              1. I have gone to Boarman's twice now, and their ribeyes are phenomenal, and they have a hot italian sausage that is hugely popular when my family has get-togethers. It is praised nearly universally, as the 'dropped sausage' due to a mishap between the bbq and the plate but it was dusted off and devoured regardless of the short flight to the ground...

                But the ribeyes are well cut, thick, flavorful, well marbled and fairly tender.

                They are open 7 to 7 on Saturday and 7 to 3'ish on Sundays. A great family grocery with an excellent butcher with some deli items like a really nice potato/egg salad.