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May 13, 2011 05:49 AM

The Black Sheep Tavern - Great Italian pizza and Buffalo wings in Sterling MA

The Black Sheep Tavern in sterling in right on rt12 about 3/4mile off rt 190. They have really great pizzas. Huge size, generous with toppings and thin crust just the way i like them. The buffalo wings are really decent too. Have also seen but not tried huge baskets of fries and onion rings and giant nacho platters. Got a buffalo chicken salad there once as well. Have never been disappointed. This is mainly a bar with great live music and no cover charges but they also have a walk up counter for takeout food as well. They have a nice outdoor patio seating area too. If you go while a band is playing, the indoor seating can be limited. Very happy to have found this place. http://www.blacksheeptavernsterling.c...

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  1. A workmate was just telling me about the good pizza today. Will heve to take a ride once the spring weather arrives.