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May 13, 2011 05:37 AM

Salmon burgers with frozen salmon?

I have a couple pieces of frozen salmon that I want use to try to make salmon burgers. Has anyone done this? All the recipes I've found use canned salmon.

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  1. If you mean salmon cakes works, thaw the salmon, and poach it...then break into mashed potato along with onions (fry first) an egg ,dill, capers and plenty of salt and pepper..

    Make burgers - dip in egg and panko crumbs then fry in butter... serve with caper mayonnaise and gherkins..

    salmon burgers with just salmon, I never make em.. rather have thet poached salmon

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    1. re: caseygirl

      Yes, just use roughly the same amount. I too prefer the poached salmon to canned although I like salmon cakes pretty much any way. The Epicurious Deviled Salmon Cakes are my go-to recipe.

    2. I've made salmon burgers from fresh/frozen salmon and they turned out great. In fact, frozen - or partly frozen - salmon works better than fresh because it doesn't turn so gummy in the grinding. Season the ground fish however you like - I did Asian flavours (sesame, green onion, soy, etc.) - form into patties and grill. You may need to oil the grill slightly when you cook it so that it doesn't stick.