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May 13, 2011 05:04 AM

Help with Arugula

After a successful planting of Arugula earlier this season, I am now awash in the little green leaves. The spring leaves are small, tender and delicious (and so far pest free!). Other than in salads, my two favorite uses are in an Arugula Pesto (add dollop to grilled Chorizo pieces for a great Tapa), and heaped on a Steak Sandwich (with a thyme mustard mayo - mmmm).

Can anyone help with creative uses or tasty salads recipes for Arugula ?

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  1. I looove arugula on a white pizza and in grilled cheese sandwiches. (Obviously, there's something about hot, melty cheese and arugula that does it for me :-)

    1. Just a quick saute of arugula is really nice -- with garlic and lemon juice, or with almonds and golden raisins, or with fresh ginger and a splash of ponzu.

      1. Arugula (with just XVOO and balsamic) is perfect topping for Veal Milanese.

        1. As the weather heats up, the arugula will get stronger and tougher. When we grew it we found that zucchini fried until brown, chopped arugula added until soft was great with pasta and a crumbling of goal cheese or parmesan.

          1. With an oil and lemon dressing, underneath sliced rare london broil so the meat juice mixes with the vinaigrette.