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May 12, 2011 10:56 PM

Italian Breakfast Pastries in London

There is a lot of Italian food available in London via deli's , restaurants and cafes however where can you get freshly made quality breakfast pastries even Princi on Wardour st has a francophile pastry selection.

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  1. Which specific ones are you after?

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      exactly what you find in a bakery or cafe for breakfast in Italy - north south and central - cornetti , cannoli etc

      1. re: Gastro1

        I can't remember specific names, but I know that Enfield Town in North London has a number of proper Italian pastry shops. I would have to talk to someone to gets names though. Otherwise Italia Uno on Charlotte St generally stocks a couple of the bread-y sort of things and they almost always have Italian brioche, but none of it is really amazing. Their cannoli are excellent and homemade by a guy in his house, but they get very soggy when they sit. I've had truly excellent ones and I've had terrible ones there. It's completely luck based.