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May 12, 2011 07:29 PM

Extramadura-Caceres, Trujillo, Merida

Looking for very good local cuisine and non-pork restos please

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  1. Do you mean a restaurant that does not serve pork, or one offering non-pork dishes? Because the first will be difficult to find in this region. We had a lovely meal in the garden of the Caceres parador a few years back. It was there that I tired migas for the first time and I am now an aficionada!

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      I don't have any recs for the OP, because whenever we go to Extremadura, it's one long pork orgy, with the happy ending being a pig leg coming back home with us in the trunk of the car. That said, paradores are accustomed to catering to a very wide range of tastes and visitors from all over, so I think that would be a good place to start.

      About migas: they almost always have some kind of pork (even if it's just lard, tocino, etc.)--that's what makes them so good....

    2. 2 of the best restaurants in Spain, local cuisine at Michelin level, no pork on request I would assume (although I don't quite understand what you mean by non-pork bit either. Are you after Kosher or Halal food?):
      Anyway Merida: "Altair", Caceres "Atrio" are both worth a detour. In Trujillo, the best restaurant is that of the Parador...

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        Thanks for this....we are just looking for a resto where we can taste local dishes that are not made with or halal are not an issue

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          Please post when you return. I had been to Merida in 97 and thought it had great potential. Amazing museum of Roman antiquities and a temple of Diana smack dab in the middle of town. Sadly I didnt get to eat much..

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            In that case my earlier post stands. The 3 top restaurants in the region.
            Another place worth the visit is Zafra, now on the motorway just South of Merida. Excellent Parador and very good food. I remember having an excellent steack there (beef) 2 years ago seved perfectly rare as ordered.

        2. We had one of our favorite meals at Atrio in Caceres. I discovered there that the proper pairing of wine & food can blow any all preconceived notions of what I loved/hated in a wine, It was a few years ago and it was not an inexpensive lunch (a tasting menu with wine pairing). The staff spoke only Spanish and French. I speak English and very poor Spanish, but we communicated very well. The food was terrific & I don't remember it being particularly "porky". Restaurants at this level can accommodate special requests. So if you're looking for someplace special look no further