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May 12, 2011 06:29 PM

Appalachian Brewing Company - Collegeville

New brewpub opening up in the space of the long-defunct New Road brewpub in Collegeville, right behind the Collegeville Diner. I'm looking forward to another beer oriented place in the area!

I heard from someone who works in that same building that the owners have very deep pockets and basically gutted the old New Road space and started over with everything; new tanks, lines, everything.

My concern ins that this building is in an odd spot and not easily seen from Main Street, hopefully they will have good signage and the word gets out there.

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  1. I agree that the location may not be the best. But I have been inside the restaurant, actually this week and I must say that the place looks fantastic! Hopefully the word gets out! And just to comment more on location, I know of a few brew pups in the area with locations worse than this one that are very successful.

    1. A friend and I tried Appalachian Brewing Company today for a late lunch. We arrived around 3:30 p.m. and found a few tables occupied for this unusual dining hour - especially for a Monday. We were greeted by a very friendly waitress, Emily, who explained that several of the beer choices were not available yet since the brewery area of the restaurant was not fully functional. Since they have a full bar, I ordered a glass of wine and my friend ordered a Cosmo, which was very good. The menu consists of a good mix of entrees, appetizers, burgers and salads. We chose our meals from the list of traditional favorites - Shepherds Pie and Fish & Chips. My shepherds pie was served with some wonderful grilled zucchini and squash and was a very large serving for the price. My friend's fish and chips were also very good. Nicely batter dipped fish served with tartar sauce and fries. I also ordered the Cheddar Ale Soup which was served with chopped bacon and sour cream - delicious!! I took half of my meal home to enjoy for lunch tomorrow. We also met Jim, the bartender, who is very personable and explained that he had previously worked in the same location when it was occupied by another brew pub. The Appalachian Brewing Pub is part of a small chain - the closest location to Collegeville at present is Harrisburg. The restaurant had a nice ambience, was very clean and since it's fairly new, still smelled of freshly installed wood flooring. There are a few large tables suitable for parties of 12-14 as well as a large seating area with a leather sofa and coffee table for enjoying drinks while waiting for a table on Friday and Saturday evenings - which they explained were their busiest evenings. Highly recommend this pub and will definitely be paying a return visit soon.

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        It's for sure a different setup than I remember from the old New Road Brewhouse, where the central bar dominated the space, in this new setup the bar is much smaller and off to the side where it's not the focus. I still think they will need to heavily advertise and work on getting some signs out on Main Street, as it's an odd building in an odd spot not easily found if you don't know the area well.

        Here is my review of when we checked them out 2 weeks ago%3

        Tried the 8 beer tasting flight and it was decent. The IPAs were notably good. Ordered food; the buffalo wings (hot) and the Fire Jumper Burger, ordered medium well. The wings were almost of a boiled consistency with virtually no crispness and were not very spicy for being "hot wings" Strike one. The burger arrived before I was barely 1/3 of the way into my wings and was well done and not medium well as requested. The chili lime mayo the burger was supposed to come with was MIA as well and was only brought out after pointing this out to the apologetic waiter. Strike two. Overall, I give them a solid B+ for the beer and a solid C for the food, but I will chalk this up to opening month logistics and staff issues to be worked out. I've worked in the restaurant field, and will try again with the same items in 1-2 months. If they haven't gotten their act together by then, I'm not sure if they will make it, considering the area competition.

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          Great review 94Bravo. I completely agree that they should put signs out on the main road. I recall from when we used to frequent the New Road Brewhouse that if you didn't know where it was, it was very difficult to find. I have friends who live in the condos directly behind the new pub and they did not even know it had reopened. That's pretty bad. Our food and drinks were perfect. Perhaps it's because we went at an off-time when they were not busy. Will post another review after we go on a busy weekend. I was intrigued by the "Growler" that they have available. It's a large jug-type bottle that you purchase and then fill with your choice of one of their house-brewed beer selections. The bartender told me the initial investment is $30 and then the refills after that are just $9. It serves 4-6 people. Sounds like a great deal if you enjoy beer. They also sell koozies for the growler as well as t-shirts and hats with the Appalachian Brewing Company logo. I bought a hat for my son-in-law for Father's Day. Will look forward to reading your next review on the Chow.

          1. re: curly girl

            Did the bartender or any staff mention when they are going to begin brewing beer on sight? The last I heard is they are "trucking" in beer from Harrisburgh or other ABC sites.

            FWIW growlers are very common at brewpubs, including Sly Fox, Victory, Ship Inn, Iron Hill as well as some of the better beer bars in Philadelphia such as the Grey Lodge. Its a great way to take home fresh beer from the tap often which is not available in bottles.

            1. re: cwdonald

              Hi CW - the bartender (Jim - really nice young guy) said they should have the beer tanks working in another week or so. They only had selected varieties available now as they are coming in from Harrisburg. The growler "thing" was new to me since I don't drink beer and don't frequent too many brew pubs as a result. While the initial investment is a little high, the refill price would more than make up for it. Plus the koozie is cool looking :) Anyway - will definitely make a return trip soon.

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                From what I read, the Collegeville location will have most of it's "regular" beer lineup brought in from Harrisburg, and the Collegeville location will only have a small brewing setup for specialty/seasonal beers.

                1. re: 94Bravo

                  I only saw one fermentation tank (or whatever they call them) when I was there. That is what they mentioned would be ready in a week or so. I still think it's a very nice place and they will let you taste any of the beers you want prior to ordering.

      2. went a few weeks ago - what a great place to take kids! their kids' meals come with a little appetizer plate - they got watermelon, crackers and cheese. a massive hit.

        other than that, everything that my husband and i ordered was very tasty. my salad was very fresh. and they have poutine! the gravy, good lord, the gravy.....

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        1. re: missfunkysoul

          I'm not sure this place is going to make it. It's been months since I'e gone back, the last time I was there, the place was 2/3 empty, the service and food were pretty lousy. I've heard they sent in people from Harrisburg to try and turn things around, but all I see are Yelp reviews of people with experiences like mine with an empty restaurant, bad service and mediocre food. Oh well.

          1. re: 94Bravo

            I took my 8 year old son there a couple of months ago. I had their beer-cheese soup and was not impressed...way too thick...almost like paste. My son liked his burger. They brought his kid's appetizer plate out as we were leaving...said they forgot it. I see no reason to return.