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May 12, 2011 05:24 PM

Seltzer Siphon Bottle

Recently was at Sammy's Roumanian for dinner in Manhattan. Loved the steak, but loved the bottles even more. You know the old fashioned siphon style.

Here my question: if I fill one of those bottles with seltzer will it work? In other words, will the water come out when i push the trigger?

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  1. I should probably leave replying to someone who knows the restaurant (I'm not sure which type of seltzer bottles you're referring to). If you're meaning the antique glass seltzer bottles, no. . . they have to be filled by a specific machine as the tops don't actually come off. I have a couple I use as decoration, but I believe they were delivered door-to-door fully charged and returned empty. . . kinda like milk used to be.

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      that is exactly what I mean. too bad but thanks for the details.
      yes i am well acquainted with the seltzer man.

    2. I have not seen the glass type in a long time. Metal in attractive colors are available and so are cream whippers made by the same company. The thing to consider when deciding to purchase one is the cost over time vs store bought seltzer (not club soda). The bottle is cost to $60 +/-. Each bottle uses one whole cartridge which is about $1.00 each. The $$$ can add up in comparison to something like La Croix plain. I gave mine away. I do keep my cream whipper by the same maker. Cost is about the same, but I can whip about a pint of cream at a time and it will keep fresh for 2-3 weeks. That to me is worth the $$$. I only whip cream with a mixer when I want a softer whip.

      1. I saw a neat video on Vimeo about a seltzer company which some entrepreneur resurrected in Brooklyn, I think. I'll bet that's where the restaurant got theirs. If you're lucky enough to live in the NYC area, you could look them up. Brooklyn Seltzer Boys.