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May 12, 2011 04:59 PM

Another Reason Penzey's Is Awesome

I'm cleaning out my desk today and I have 3 Penzey's catalogues with free coupons on the front of them (some expired) so I pull the coupons off and toss the catalogues in the recycle bin. I need salt anyway, so I head over to Penzey's where they not only accept the expired coupons, but let me use all three in one shopping trip.

As if there weren't enough to love about them already.

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  1. Their recent coupons have been very generous.... I love when you can pick the spice you want for free!
    They have also introduced 2oz bottles of extracts, which is especially good for the lesser used lemon and almond (lesser used by me, anyway).

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      I got to pick a free spice yesterday. I used it for celery seed. On the way out, I passed the saffron and joked, "ah, I should have picked the saffron as my free spice" and the lady working said, "you wouldn't have been the first."

    2. I love Penzey's. I placed an order last month, had a five dollars off coupon, a coupon for a free jar of spice of my choice...ordered several things and also got a nice free sample of BBQ 3000. Love them!!

      1. I've been a Penzey's customer for a long time. I ordered spices from Bill Penzey's parents at the Spice House in Milwaukee. Its been that long. I am happy that the company is prospering. I love the chile powders, the cocoa mix, the saffron, the pepper--I could go on and on. I now buy at the local store. I go once or twice a year and stock up.