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lunch ANYWHERE around Boston/Cambridge tomorrow

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  • lypp May 12, 2011 04:57 PM
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I'm going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow and we want great food and a fun atmosphere. Where would you go?? We have a car so we can drive anywhere within 20-30 minutes.

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  1. entrees in what price range? kinds of food you like/don't? burgers or white tablecloth or ethnic?what are some places you love?

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    1. re: opinionatedchef

      I always enjoy a nice lunch at Sofra, though it can be difficult to snag a seat during prime lunch times. I also enjoy the lunch vibe at All Star Sandwich Bar.

      All Star Sandwich Bar
      1245 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

      1 Belmont St, Cambridge, MA 02138

      1. re: Swankalicious

        Both favorites of mine too. Winsor Dim Sum Cafe in Chinatown is also a good lunch spot.

        Winsor Dim Sum Cafe
        10 Tyler St, Boston, MA 02111

      2. re: opinionatedchef

        I love Toro, Neptune, Oishii, Russell House, Island Creek. Love ethnic cuisine and clam shacks. Hate boring and food that's trying to be fancy but is just bad. Price doesn't matter. Atmosphere is wide open. So many places aren't open for lunch so it's a challenge. Think Yoma?

        1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

        1. re: lypp

          my recs would include:

          dave's pasta sidewalk tables- for their amazing cubano

          mulan for smoked duck(best in boston, imo) and smoked pork and leek and lotus dish

          friendly toast for le petit monstre and funky decor

          pho viet in the allston super 88 food court- for grilled beef banh mi

          Istanbuluu in Somerville for interesting Turkish

          regina pizzeria north end only- lively and fun too

          excursion:Clam Box in Ipswich for ,duh, fried clams

          do tell us where you went and how you liked it!

          228 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

          1. re: lypp

            I love YoMa for lunch, and they've done some renovations in their tiny space that have spiffed it up to a surprising extent. However, I'm not sure it's got a fun atmosphere - just terrific food unlike anything else you'll have around Boston.

        2. C'mon at least give us some parameters!

          Awesome Taiwanese: MuLan on Broadway - get there by 11:30. seriously fantastic food. And I'm not kidding about 11:30, by 11:45 its jammed until 1:00.
          All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman - excellent sandwiches. Say NO to wraps!! :-)
          Cambridge Brewing Company - GREAT beer, good enough food. Best when its nice enough to sit outside
          Emma's Pizza on Hampshire - fantastic, gets very crowded early too.
          Friendly Toast - funky fun and good food.
          Miracle of Science - great food, great beer. Again, get there by 11:30ish
          Pepper Sky Thai in Central Sq - very good Thai. 11:45 at the latest (seeing a theme here?)
          Beijing Toyko on Main just outside of Central Sq. - very good

          The trucks outside of the Kendall Sq. T Station are great - Gooseberry's for Vietnamese, Clover for Vegetarian. But it sounds like you want a sit down place. Still, $4 for a full-on? my favorite.

          All of these places have great food. I've worked just outside of Kendall for 7 years and eat out for lunch almost every day.

          Other good choices - any of the Ramen or noodle bars in the Porter Exchange building.

          Good luck!

          All Star Sandwich Bar
          1245 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

          Cambridge Brewing Company
          1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA 02139

          Emma's Pizza
          40 Hampshire St, Cambridge, MA 02139

          Pepper Sky
          20 Pearl St, Cambridge, MA 02139

          The Friendly Toast
          1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA

          228 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139

          1. toro. neptune.

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            1. re: Madrid

              How is Toro in general at lunch time. I'm thinking of taking a friend (a notorious burger fiend) for his first Toro burger in a couple weeks on a Monday, and was wondering if it gets particularly busy for lunch.

              1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

              1. re: Spenbald

                Lunchtime is the best time to go to Toro, IMO. It doesn't get too crazy crowded, and you can have that spectacular burger and a glass of wine and be a very happy camper. Do it!

                1704 Washington St, Boston, MA 02118

                1. re: yumyum

                  Doing it! All for the burger, and perhaps an uni bocadillo! Thanks, yy!

                  1. re: Spenbald

                    The uni bocadillo is the only thing I've had there that has underwhelmed. I always WANT it to be great but it's just a tiny little not great sandwich. Skip it.

            2. I'm in love with Bon Chon Chicken in Brighton at the moment. The place was rockin' on a Saturday night, I don't know how lively lunch will be. Although the weather say partly cloudy, maybe any outdoors place on Newbury might be an option. I'll also second Russell House Tavern. Grendel's Den might be fun.

              1. My daughter and I loved Izzy's a short walk from MIT. It is a small casual sub shop with all the regular sandwich offerings and also a large selection of Cuban food. I loved the oxtail. I believe the also had stewed goat.

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                1. re: calliope_nh

                  Small pt: Izzy's is Puerto Rican: http://www.campusfood.com/restaurant....

                  Izzy's Restaurant
                  72 Spring St, New Bedford, MA 02740

                  1. re: calliope_nh

                    That link is to a place in New Bedford. Where is the Izzy's in Cambridge?

                    Izzy's Restaurant
                    72 Spring St, New Bedford, MA 02740

                    1. re: peregrine

                      Harvard and Windsor in Cambridge. Their "website" is their facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Izzys-R...

                      Izzy's Restaurant & Sub Shop
                      169 Harvard St, Cambridge, MA 02139

                  2. lypp, where did you go? How was it?