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May 12, 2011 04:45 PM

Reccs. for 21st birthday in Western MA/Enfield area

I'm looking for a good restaurant with food that can be tailored to a low carb/ paleo diet for one individual and a normal diet for everyone else.It's going to be a small party but I want it to be special for the guy with the diet as he works real hard and deserves it. He also has a huge appetite. We're considering the federal albeit it's very pricey but he's long had an interest in it. We're worried that it might be like Latitudes in West Springfield where you pay a hefty sum for a small portion of food that may be bland/flavorless but nicely plated or "uniquely paired". We're also considering sylvias in enfield as he like's foreign food. Standbys are A Touch of Garlic or the Fort. He also loves an occasional dessert from time to time. Please help, and if you know of any place that does a special dinner or treat for birthdays please let us know. Any suggestions are much appreciated.

A Touch of Garlic
427 White St, Springfield, MA 01108

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  1. Have you considered Max's Tavern at the Hall of Fame? I had a birthday there a couple of years ago and they treated me very nicely (but I've had a lot of birthdays, so I'm not sure how "special" it was ;-)). I'm sure they can do low carb anything - it's fairly heavy on the proteins. A bit on the pricey side, but I don't think the portions are small.
    Another possibility is Hazard Grille in Enfield. Always good, but not spectacular.

    Max's Tavern
    Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, MA 01105

    Hazard Grille
    39 Hazard Ave, Enfield, CT 06082