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Ice Cream Highs 2011

Today at Bilboquet in Outremont had one I will remember for a long time --medium scoop of maple syrup ice cream with broad bands of tire/maple taffy throughout and in the bottom of sundae cup....deliciousssss! Have to bring family back to try this one especially since they love the tire in winter now can have a summery fix.


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  1. Unless it changed recently, the maple taffy ice cream used to be available only during maple season and a bit after until the remaining stocks were sold out, but not available all summer long

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      if its time limited then i will have to go back soon, it was the maple syrup one i had that was with strips of taffy through it, they also had maple taffy but i didnt try that one, unless they had them wrongly labelled....

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        yes you were right i went back to bilboquet for my maple sryup tire ice cream and was told the season has finished, what a pity--but found a good substitute of vanilla and caramel

      2. I was on a ice cream rush in the last couple of days, so I tried a couple of new places + Bilboquet.

        First, I tried the new place Les Givres, on St-Denis at the corner of Roy. They had a pretty big selection, and they were serving 'homemade' soft served ice cream (vanilla and strawberry sorbet were the flavours). They were out of 'pralinés' which was pretty dissapointing, but I ended up taking a caramel-ganache-vanilla flavour that was pretty good. They make a special point of making their own cones, although I honestly didn't think they tasted very different from a store bought one.

        Next, I went to Kem CoBa right next to Fairmount bagel. They had a very small selection (I'd say 10 flavours), but very eclectic. Some I noticed but didn't try were chinese green tea and 72% chocolate. I took the soft served mix of madagascar vanilla and passion fruit, which was very good. The cone was pretty good too, not sure if they are home made there? The amount of ice cream in the soft served was pretty small, but very tasty. The owner explained that he was working in collaboration with Havre des Glaces in making flavours, and that he was exploring the soft served side of things.

        Finally, went to Bilboquet on Bernard, as I had heard that it was starting to go downhill in the last couple of years. I had both the 'pralinés' and cookie dough ice cream that I had both never tried, and have to say they were both fantastic. Definitely didn't notice a drop in quality (at least versus my expectations) from the time I was going more often.

        I think it's exciting to see more ice cream shops opening that are not the run of the mill, popular brands prices, and it's also exciting to see some trying the home made soft served ice cream. From what I understood from both Les Givrés and Kem CoBa, they'll be changing their soft serve flavours pretty often, so this gives me a good reason to go there often!

        1311 Av Bernard, Outremont, QC H2V1W1, CA

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          It seems to me, at Les Givres for soft serve it's only vanilla flavour. The only variation is the different sorbet they mix with soft serve vanilla. At Kem CoBa, sort of the same concept(mixing soft serve with a sorbet flavour) but for soft serve they go beyond just vanilla flavour.

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            That seems to be the case so far for both, but they are both quite new, so we can hope they'll go further at some point and introduce new ice cream flavours in soft served too!

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              I've checked out both establishments. The previous week at Kem CoBa, they had strawberry cheesecake soft-serve mix(cheesecake is soft ice cream, while strawberry is sorbet). From what I was told Kem CoBa will change soft serve flavours regularly.

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            Had the chance to try more flavors from Les Givrés recently, and most of them were pretty good. Double chocolate was extremely good, Macap (vanilla with chunks of macarons) is ok and amandes caramélisées is awesome. They seem to change flavors of soft-serve pretty often, but never got to try it as it was either out of it or their flavor mix wasn't appealing to me. They seem to make some pretty interesting frozen cakes too, I'll try some soon.

            Unrelated, I had the chance to try the Dulce de Leche from Havre des Glaces last week, and it is one of the best ice cream I ever ate.

          3. i haven't been but in the old mr sub location at st-catherines and bishop is a new yeh style joint except it appears to be soft serve and not frozen yogurt - at least there's no mention of yogurt on their signage.

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              Went by there for quick visit last week. It seems to be frozen yogurt(like Yeh!).

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                was it any good?

                all i can say is what were they thinking...

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                  Just a look. I didn't try anything(I was already full).

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                They have the oddest name though... Fruzishling...

                I just know that when they close, their counter lights up different colors.. looks nice.

                The owner of the "mini-market" next to it purchased the mr.sub location so they're the same owner I assume.

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                  Walked into Festin de Babette for the first time last weekend, enticed by the sidewalk sign advertising artisanal soft-serve and recalling general good reviews on Chow and it all looked promising were it not for the chaotic and snooty service. When I asked the gentleman behind the counter -who seemed to be in charge judging by him being also rude to a young lady manning the ice cream scoop- what the flavor Vanilla Massala is I was answered "Vanilla with spices". Hm, NEXT!

                  We walked out of there and by chance came upon Les Givres. We both had a vanilla soft serve in a cone. The ice cream was good but their sizing is ridiculous! My husband ordered the biggest thing they had and it barely equaled a DQ small. I ordered the small and it looked like a golf ball in a cone. Fine if you want a Havre/Bilboquet scoop but not a soft serve. I'm all for quality over quantity but it was laughable.

                  Also as mentioned the home-made cone tasted just like any other. I find it funny that MTL can't get ice cream right in general. These new ghetto Fruzi Yeh places are janky to say the least, why bother?

              3. i like ice cream at ripples, which is on st. laurent just a few steps away from schwartz. they have ginger ice cream which is amazing. they even have a cumin or curry flavor. forget which one specifically but they have really cool creations and i think its all home made.

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                1. Stopped by Kem CoBa earlier, had a soft cone of chocolate, and even if the quatity seemed small, I found it _very_ satisfying!

                  They also had banana-something soft-serve (since I don't really like banana, I don't remember the other half!! )


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                  1. re: Maximilien

                    The other half, banana something is a sorbet(banana orange sorbet I think). I was there yesterday. For the soft serve mix, it always a mix of soft serve & sorbet at Kem CoBa.

                    1. re: Maximilien

                      If you get both in a twist you can try this experiment that the guy told me.
                      If you eat the orange/banana sorbet alone, you taste mostly orange but if you eat both at the same time then the banana flavor comes out more.

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                        We tried Kem CoBa for the first time tonight, soft-serve with coconut milk and mango, very nice on a hot evening. It was their flavor combination of the day. Also sampled their lime-mint sorbet, which was very refreshing. Owners seem like sweet people. Plan to return.

                        1. I was just at Fruzishling on Ste-Catherine West (@ Bishop) where service was absolutely terrible (about as bad as it was when Mr. Sub was there, which makes me think they are indeed the same owners). The advertised price for an iced cappucino is 99 cents. They charged me $1.79 +tx. When I asked why they were charging double, they said it was because I ordered a flavored coffee. I paid while asking how a cappucino could be cappucino flavoured, and how it would differ from a non cappucino-flavoured cappucino....Back outside, I noticed the sign clearly said that all flavoured coffees are 99 cents, so I went back in asking to be reimbursed the extra I had just paid...which led to the most ridiculous of arguments. They agreed I should only have paid 99 cents, but they somehow could not reimburse me because the register could not be opened and they could not figure out how much they should give me back. In high drama, they all looked through their wallets and paid me back in nickels and pennies - making it clear that I was stealing the employees their money...I have rarely met such rude people.

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                          1. re: pinkatronica

                            It's a wonder there's never anyone there.

                            1. re: SnackHappy

                              not to mention their yogurt is awful. however, it is quite amusing that some images they use to indicate the flavour clearly have the watermarks from the site they ripped them off from.

                              1. re: celfie

                                It is indeed sub-par. I too noticed the intellectual property theft. That sort of thing seems to be on the rise in the Concordia area...

                                1. re: davekry

                                  I don't understand this place. At least with competition like that, Yeh doesn't have anything to be afraid of. We went there when it opened and got creeped out and left without getting anything. It was that bad.

                                  1. re: AlexCV

                                    I personally love Cremerie Meu Meu on Saint-Denis close to Mont-Royal. I think some seasons they may have a few maple syrup ice cream flavours happening. Although this year, their ginger, mango, and lavender are very tasty.

                                    1. re: deborahm

                                      Although frozen yogurt does not substitute for ice cream, I wondered if anyone had tried the yogurt place on Ste-Catherine between Guy and St-Marc?

                                      1. re: naturelle

                                        ya of course people have, the place is perpetually packed and has been discussed here before. personally i like it a lot but some weird synthetic foods are my guilty pleasures. My favorite flavour is the plain yogurt. nothing else tastes of what it claims to be - but i can get passed that.

                                        i tried this same concept at one of many outlets in Rio de Janeiro. The flavours were bright and natural tasting. So in my opinion the whole yeh concept can actually be done a lot better

                                        1. re: celfie

                                          Naturelle & Celfie, I haven't tried the place on Ste-Catherine between Guy and St-Marc. I'm right in that area tomorrow night. What is it called? Perhaps I'm the only one here who hasn't tried it but I'd like to...!

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                                              Beware Yeh! if you are lactose intolerant but can digest yogurt (as we are). We had Yeh! yogurt on St. Laurent and it definitely has milk in it! (We can digest most store bought yogurt ice creams, and most yogurts from ice cream places but Yeh! didn't work at all!).

                                              For us, the best frozen yogurt place is Bo-Bec on Laurier East.. It is not a franchise, family run and therefore excellent!

                                2. re: celfie

                                  I never noticed the watermarked posters. Maybe they changed them?
                                  Otherwise, I'm a regular over there. I've tried and loved the yogurt, smoothies, and crêpes.
                                  My favourite is plain yogurt.
                                  They also gave me a 20% off. The coupon was basically their business card stamped with a 20% mark. They should get a proper coupon.

                            2. We stopped at Hâvre aux Glaces at JTM today, and simply could not resist getting a 2-scoop cone each (4.50$ per cone).

                              He had the pistachio and the marron ice creams, while I plumped for the matcha and ginger (it was a heavenly combo!).

                              We then sat on a bench, eating and making happy little moany noises. Portions were generous and we both struggled to finish our cones (husband was essentially in an ice-cream coma on the drive home). I'd say my faves were his marron ice and my ginger.

                              They were also offering seasonal flavours according to the signs: blueberry and raspberry.

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                              1. re: TheSnowpea

                                Both blueberry & raspberry would be sorbets(as opposed to ice creams)?

                                1. re: BLM

                                  I think so.

                                  At a glance, I'd say there was close to a dozen ice cream flavours and the same in sorbets.

                                  I confess I was so focused on the ginger ice (Mtl Hounds that know me IRL know my pash for ginger) that I failed to pay attention. (Also it was packed and I figured I better get out of the way of a hungry crowd!)

                                  1. re: BLM

                                    I checked over the weekend. Both their blueberry & raspberry are sorbets. I just tried their straight dark chocolate soft serve.

                                2. Mojito sorbet at Ripples. Unreal. Made with rum, lime and mint. The latter 2 were very sharp. Their Halava ice cream is pretty incredible, too.

                                  1. Went to Les Givrés earlier this evening and was tempted by the soft-serve mix of vanilla and blueberry. It is absolutely awesome, and I would strongly recommend trying it before it's gone. I had the honey-blueberry soft-serve mix at Kem Coba a week or two ago, and I feel the mix at Les Givrés was better (don't get me wrong, the one at Kem Coba was superb in its own right).

                                    That being said, I still don't care much for Les Givrés home made cones. I actually thought the one I had today was tasting strange, worse than a normal commercial one.

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                                    1. re: NickinMtl

                                      About the cones at Les Givrés, I had the same reaction about them.

                                    2. I post this every time on an ice cream thread but I guess no-one else ever ventures out to the wilds of Lachine. Dolce Piu, just west of 25th Av on Lakeshore has fabulous home-made Italian gelato - and a good selection of panninis and salads too.


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