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May 12, 2011 03:50 PM

Has anyone tried Basi Resto-Lounge?


I am always looking for new italian options as I have a friend with limited (italian) tastes in food. Does anyone have any feedback on this place? Its being featured today on Deal of the Day (group buying website if anyone is interested. The decor looks interesting but would prefer tasty food to good decor.


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  1. The place near Jean talon market? Ya Ive been a couple years ago and found it to be pretty good actually. Been meaning to go back its just completely out of the way for me. Worth a try for sure.

    1. Haven't been no, but I've been planning a summer visit (love their terrasse). I remember reading a fairly positive review maybe a year ago? I think it was from the Gazette.

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        Thanks for the feedback and tip about the terrasse. They offer gluten free pasta and my gfriends husband has a gluten intolerance so I thought it would be worth a try. I bought the coupon and will plan to go on a night we can enjoy the terrasse!

      2. I remember having an eggplant pasta that was pretty good and a wild mushroom pasta with truffle oil that was also pretty good. But now looking at the menu I see neither. But it seems like a good bargain at 20$ with appetizer and desert, so hopefully the quality is the same. Also curious to know if they still give a complementary little starter for the table that I believe was different each time and tasty. Let us know how it goes!

        1. Any more comments on this restaurant? I'm looking for a place in the area for a group and I've been meaning to try it plus their terrasse is very nice. But with a whole group, it seems worst if it's not too good (than if we were just 2 or 3).