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May 12, 2011 03:49 PM

Quick Way To Figure Out Sugar Calories?

I made some homemade iced tea and I'm trying to figure out how many calories might be in it. The only ingredient that would add measurable calories is the 1/2 cup of sugar in it. If I am adding that to two quarts of tea, how many calories would that be?

Are there any websites that will calculate that or does someone know a quick calculation?


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  1. 770 cals in a cup of sugar

    1. uses usda data for foods.

      1. for granulated white sugar:
        1 tsp provides 16 calories
        1 Tbsp provides 48 calories
        1/4 cup provides 194 calories
        1/3 cup provides 255 calories
        1/2 cup provides 387 calories
        2/3 cup provides 511 calories
        1 cup provides 774 calories

        so if you added 1/2 cup sugar to the tea, the entire batch contains 387 calories worth of sugar. one quart contains 32 ounces, so if you made 2 quarts, you have 64 oz of tea. assuming one serving of tea is about 8 oz, you made a total of 8 servings. so each of those 8 servings serving contains roughly 48 calories worth of sugar.

        and that concludes our math lesson for today :)

        1. A quick general rule of thumb... 1 cup of granulated sugar is 200 grams.
          1 gram of sugar is about 4 calories.

          200 x 4 = 800 Calories in a cup of sugar.

          Carbs and protein are about 4 Calories per gram while fats and oils are about 9 Calories per gram.