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May 12, 2011 03:11 PM

help make chicken legs tasty

gotta make about 20 chicken legs for a cold buffet - suggestions please for tasty non bland non greasy roasted chicken legs. Mine always end up a little tasteless and with jelly like substance around them after I cool them.

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  1. You might find some helpful ideas in this terrific thread on chicken thighs.

    1. This is gonna sound awful but I promise it is good: go to the Korean grocery and buy a bottle of Assi brand beef marinade. Marinate the bone in skinless legs in that for one hour (not longer, it had a lot of salt and the salt draws out the moisture in the chicken). Then put the legs on a rack and bake, basting once or twice, till done. Chop up some green onions like this: the cut the white part off and cut it in half to get large wedges. Finely chop the green part. On the bottom of your serving platter, lay the chicken legs on the large chopped white part of the green onions, sprinkle with a tiny bit more of very finely chopped green onions on top of the chicken, then sprinkle toasted sesame seeds. The flavor of the sweet soy marinade is very delicious even cold.

      1. Combine 1 1/2 cups crumbs (bread, corn flake, etc., your choice)
        1 tsp salt
        1/2 tsp pepper
        2 tsp onion powder
        3 tsp curry powder
        1/3 cup sesame seeds
        Set aside
        Beat 2 eggs in a bowl
        Roll the chicken pieces in the eggs, then in the dry ingredients and immediately place a few inches apart on baking sheet (cover sheet with parchment paper first, if you have it)
        Drizzle with 1 cup melted butter
        Bake in 400 degree oven until nicely browned (about 40 - 45 minutes) and cooked through. Drain on layered paper sheets and cool before refrigerating.

        1. When they did the Vietnamese cookbook of the month there was a great recipe that I now make all the time but it has probably migrated from the original in the meantime. So here's what I do now:
          Marinate chicken legs for a few hours in A LOT of smashed garlic, A LOT maggi sauce (or soy), some brown sugar (or honey) and some oil and black pepper if you like it. Throw in a pan and bake at 400 til very done.
          There's quite a bit of msg and salt from the maggi but I guess that's why folks eat so much of it.

          1. I grab each leg at the ankle joint and with a paper towel slide the skin down towards the ankle. Lightly oil with olive oil, sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper. Pull the skin back into place. I cook on a gas grill for about 30 minutes. Simple and delicious. We most often drown them in Frank's Hot Sauce with less butter than the label calls for and lots of garlic, but I wouldn't sauce them this way to serve cold.

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              If they're going to be cold, I would definitely remove the skin before cooking. The Asian recipes here certainly sound good. And before you serve them, I would certainly wipe off any gelatin that has formed and let them come closer to room temp rather than icy cold.