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May 12, 2011 02:02 PM

Best Rotisserie Chicken

I'm looking for the best rotisserie chicken in Chicago. A friend is going to be in Chicago in July, and the best she's had so far is El Pollo Rico in Washington D.C.

Any suggestions?

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  1. D'Candela in Irving Park has unbelievably good Peruvian roast chicken. It's BYOB.

    4053 N Kedzie Ave
    (between Irving Park Rd & Belle Plaine Ave)
    Chicago, IL 60618

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    1. re: mcgeary

      Awesome. Thank you for the suggestion. I am going to pass along.

      1. re: mcgeary

        Semiramis at Kedzie and Leland. It is a Lebanese restaurant that serves up a roasted whole chicken that is amazing! All their food is amazing:

      2. The Flying Chicken on Montrose at Kimball and Brasa Roja on Irving Park at Bernard serve tasty Colombian Mesquite, Spit roasted chicken! I love the arepa at Brasa Roja too!

        Also try Aripos in Oak Park on Marion Street for very good Venezuelan Cuisine. The central focus is the corn cake, aka 'Arepa'...great stuff!

        Flying Chicken
        3402 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618

        1. I would highy recommend Mr. Pollo on Belmont at Sacramento. Nothing fancy but exceptional rotisserie chix and wonderful sides- tostones, maduros, beans and rice are my favorites. Also good chicken soup and, french fried. Very small place, cheap, quick service, great food.

          1. I doff my chapeau to you, McGeary. I took a spin up to D'Candela this afternoon (I live downtown) for a carryout roast chicken, and was delighted. The young hostess was terrific, my chicken and two sides were ready in 20 minutes without my phoning ahead.
            They brought me a cup of soup while I waited, and a tasting of the yuca, which were like thick fried potatoes, delicious.

            My carryout whole roast chicken, a huge salad, and a box of fries that will last me 3 evenings, with gratuity, fell short of $20. Delicious food, low prices, and friendly, attentive service, is hard to find. Anyone who enjoys roast chicken should visit D'Candela. Don't forget to bring wine, or stop and buy some on the way home.
            This small casual storefront cafe is one of Chicago's best kept secrets.

            1. While it, like D'Candela, is not rotisserie chicken, Pollo Express makes an outstanding bird. They do a big business to go, but the (sparse) accommodations are nice enough to dine in. It is also BYOB. The chicken is spatchcocked and cooked over charcoal. I prefer the chicken rubbed with adobo. The guacamole, salsas, rice and beans are all carefully prepared. A whole chicken will set you back around $13.

              Pollo Express
              1315 West 18th Street
              Chicago, IL 60608-3101
              (312) 829-1550

              Pollo Express
              1315 W 18th, Chicago, IL 60607