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May 12, 2011 01:08 PM

In London his weekend thru Tuesday - hot new restaurants?

Hello - we would be grateful for hot new places.

We got to London fairly often, and stick with "regulars" Nobu (different locations) and Wolseley.
What I like about Wolseley is the cuisine and the "open space" and also the not-too-crowded seating.

Nobu, maybe just that it's quality sushi.

In any event, would like to venture out to a fun, air-y, people-watching space with good food. Would really value suggestions.

We live in mid-town NYC and usually go to Cafe Boulud, Jean-Georges Vongerichten, etc.

Thanks so much!

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  1. From one New Yorker to another, I have heard that the two most talked about openings are Pollen Street Social and Dinner. Both would probably fit your parameters. I have reservations at both in July.

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    1. re: Nancy S.

      Thanks so much Nancy! Let us see what the concierge can do!

      1. re: awinestory

        I think it's unlikely you will get a place at Dinner at such short notice - it's booked out for monthhs in advance, but you can but try!

        As you like Nobu, you might try Hakkasan - there's a new branch in Mayfair as well as the original and it would definitely be good for people watching. Hix in Soho is another suggestion - great bar downstairs. And there's also Ottolenghi's new place, Nopi, which is pretty hot right now.

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          I've heard that if you turn up to Dinner (rubbish name) on the day (say 11ish) 'looking hopeful' you've got a chance. I think they reserve some tables for guests at the hotel. It IS worth it. I would consider ordering ALL the desserts, regardless of party size but do not miss the Tipsy Cake or the Bread Ice Cream.

          Hibiscus is also, of course, famous.

          1. re: pancreas

            On Dinner, it seems as though they very often have a number of walk-in tables at lunchtimes. They are less common in the evenings but maybe once a week the Maitre D mentioned on twitter they have walk-ins for dinner.

    2. Also, try The Ledbury. It too is a hot table and absolutely excellent. It's my favorite place in London, which we are also included on our itinerary for London (as well as The Square, The Harwood Arms and Bull & Last, and also an excursion to The Sportsman).

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      1. re: Nancy S.

        A good alternative to Nobu would be Umu or Zuma. Umu is slightly more serious and expensive (they pretty much import everything from Japan), whilst Zuma is the same price point, much bigger and always has a buzz about it.

        If you want an interesting degustation-style experience Viajante is making a bit of noise for itself, although it's all the way out at Bethnal Green. Staying in a similar ball park I'd echo Nancy's suggestion on The Ledbury too, though note that both are only 40 covers-or-so meaning they don't exactly hum, even at peak times.

        Another new comer you should be able to get into slightly easier would be the Gilbert Scott at St.Pancras, which is Marcus Wareing's new venture. British inspired food in one of the most incredible dining rooms in town (just refurbed) with 80+ covers ensuring a vibrant atmosphere. If you like the Wolseley you won't go far wrong with this.

        1. re: marcus james

          I was going to recommend Gilbert Scott as well, but the reviews so far have not been great. Still, it aims to be Wolseley-like -- so, perhaps, one doesn't go there for the food.