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G2B Gastropub - Durham, NC

Four Square owner to open Durham beer garden

This was announced in the Triangle Business Journal and other news outlets earlier this month, but I hadn't seen it mentioned here so I thought I'd post it. I'm looking forward to this in no small part because of the chef involved and G2B's proximity to my house.


Targeted opening date is May 23.

Four Square Restaurant
2701 Chapel Hill Rd., Durham, NC 27707

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  1. Nice to see something going into that space - I was there when it was Starlu. I hope it goes over well - the plans sound very interesting.

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      I think that space has bad restaurant fengshui. I hope these guys can overcome it.

      1. re: Remsleep

        The location is pretty horrible. The back of an office building. But hey, if they are actually really good, maybe it will work. i will happily go there if the place has it.

    2. It's open already! They've got a facebook page.

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        Sorry, but you're wrong. It opens May 23. Here's the website:


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          I keep seeing new photos of food and then talk from Carpe Durham, though. Huh. Someone is eating over there...must be a soft opening. Check out their Facebook page.

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            I think you might be confusing G2B with the recent opening of Geer Street Garden.

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          I went on opening night (Thursday of last week) and had a few apps and drinks at the bar. Food was good and the space/decor was "modern funky", but there was hardly anyone in the joint. I'm afraid this location is going to be a real challenge to the success of the restaurant unless there is more of an awareness campaign pushed out to the public. Maybe some weekly specials would help with the location and awareness problem and help to get some cheeks in the seats?

          Anyone else been yet?

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            We went to G2B last night. I had the bean and chicken soup, very good, and the charcuterie plate, also very good but quite large. My wife had the veal schnitzel, which was not so good. A nice crunchy crust but it was thick and tough. Should have been pounded a bit to make it thinner and more tender.

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              looking forward to more reviews. currently away from home, but home in about 2 weeks. if i hear good things, will try.

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                I've been here twice so far. Once for snacks at the bar and once for a drink. For snacks, we ordered the mozzarella burratta ($11) and the crispy Buffalo chicken wings ($9). The mozzarella was fresh and the tomato chutney that came with it was really good but I was expecting something more for the $11 price tag. Same for the wings. They were good, but you can get wings as good or better at other establishments for less scrilla. Pretty presentation of the wings counts for something but we're talking about wings here.

                They definitely have a good selection of beer and friendly staff.

                I would really like to see this place succeed, especially since its so close to my house. But the atmosphere and vibe of this place really doesn't make much sense. I simply can't figure out who is the target audience for this place. It feels too swanky to be a "casual pub" and, for me, the menu doesn't make it a "destination restaurant". Plus, its location is too far from the campuses of either UNC or Duke to make it a place for spoiled northeastern collegiates to hang out.

                Both times I've been there, the place has been mostly empty so I guess the Gastropub hasn't figured out who their target audience is either.

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                  Shame, a nice-ish pub can be a really nice halfway point (although lord knows I love the Federal which doesn't look like, but tastes like, a nice-ish pub).

                  1. re: LulusMom

                    Yeah, I just don't know if this place is a fit for our beloved Durham. Seems more suited to be located on Glenwood South rather than the back side of a non-descript building in SW Durham.

                    Long live the Federal. Long live Geer Street Garden.

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                      We ate their last week...had the wings, pizza, sausage, and my wife had a vegetarian dish (can't remember what it was), and several milkshakes. Everything was quite good and the service was excellent. We plan to return.

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                        I'm happy to report that business seems to be picking up. I stopped by this past Friday night around 9:00pm to have a drink and the dining room was moderately full with diners and the bar seating was mostly filled with drinkers. Seems that words is finally getting out about this place.

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                          G2B has a significantly cheaper, revamped menu. This change was necessary for its survival. Looking forward to trying it out.

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                            Yeah, the menu is revamped but I wouldn't say its "significantly" less expensive. If I order the chicken entree ($14), it comes with nothing else except sauce. If I want some fries, or any other side, its an additional $3.

                            So, depending on which entree I order, if I want to add a side to accompany my order of MEAT - the total price is between $15 and $19 per person.

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                              Sounds like a marketing tool but if the quality and quantity are good than it would have come to that amount anyways if it was included wouldn't it?

          2. They have a re-revamped menu now. More pizzas, new bar snacks. We plan on going tomorrow.

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              They have changed their website significantly, and it looks much, much more appealing. The Brady Bunch look is gone, and it now shows off the restaurant as being sleek and modern. The new menu looks more interesting too: Goat cheese croquettes. Foie gras torchon. Grilled Prosciutto wrapped Figs.

              1. re: durhamois

                Yes, it seems they've changed the menu for a second time. The offerings are definitely more interesting now. Thank jeebus they've gotten rid of the "flower power" theme on the website and moved toward something more modern. Ashame they were almost completely empty when I stopped in this past Friday night for a beer.

                1. re: ToothTooth

                  Just had dinner. Everything was very good, especially the foie gras torchon. Prosciutto wrapped figs a little on the sweet side. Ribs were delicious, and at $11, quite a bargain. Bouillabaisse for $14 again excellent value, and the broth was very true to the classic version. Shrimp and fish a little overcooked, though. Instead of bread, they serve breadsticks with mustard—a nice departure from typical bread. There was a decent crowd for fairly early on a Sunday; by no means packed, though. Hopefully the word will get out that G2B is a now a formidable venue on the scene.

              2. re: Shag Waits

                Thanks for the heads up. Just looked at the website, and it is much more appealing than I remember. We'll give it a try soon.

              3. Yes, thanks for the update. Looks a lot more appealing to me too. Know the husband will want to try the kraut and wurst. And Chimay on tap - score!

                1. Friends and family have visited G2B with me on multiple occasions. High marks were given all around. The beer choices are varied and tasty. All of the food we have ordered (a fairly wide sampling of the menu) has tasted great and been of good value. Nobody has been disappointed by their selections.

                  The best thing is the outdoor patio which is covered and quiet. While having the restaurant on the back side of the commercial building (a killer for previous inhabitants who I wanted to succeed) is odd it lends itself well to a quiet evening dining outdoors. A happy event most anytime.

                  This has become a regular for my Friday Night Out crew.

                  1. We went on Sunday, sat outside.

                    Husband LOVED the bratwurst and sauerkraut, so I know we'll be back for that alone.

                    There was also a beer special - imperial pints of Guinness or Old Speckled Hen for - $2! Yes, that's not a typo. Imperial pints of good beer for $2.

                    I started with the goat cheese croquettes, which are listed as a bar snack. There were two, which were delicately crispy on the outside and luscious and creamy on the inside. These are served with a bit of buffalo sauce drizzled underneath.

                    I then had the chicken wings, which were just OK (at least in comparison to the ones I can get at the Wooden Nickel Pub in Hillsborough, which is my current gold standard for wings). I was surprised at the size of the dish. It was listed as a small plate, but I got at least a dozen wings and ended up with a take-home box. These were drizzled with ranch dressing, along with a sprinkling of very good bleu cheese.

                    Dessert was the strawberry shortcake, which we split and was also delicious.

                    They make almost everything in house, including the mustard that comes with the bread sticks that come out with your drinks. I can't say I was thrilled with a bread sticks (a little too chewy for my taste) but the mustard was wonderful.

                    Service was also excellent, but they weren't busy at all (only one other table in our section, and they left while we were still eating, so we ended up with our own personal server). I hope this place makes it - it would be encouraging to see it be busier.

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                      We almost went on Sunday, but I had read the website as saying they weren't open Sundays (at least not for dinner). Would have been fun to run into you. And oh my, what a great deal on the beer. I've had my eye on those croquettes as well. I really need to try this place.

                      1. re: LulusMom

                        One thing I forgot to mention is that the waiter told us the chefs like to get creative about 9 pm on Sundays and will make up some off-menu items (he said last week was oxtail). So anyone interested in going a bit later at night might find some surprises available.

                    2. We ate here last week. Took our kids aged 12 & 9. Everyone loved it. NC beer bar for husband. Wii for the kids to play while we waited. The food was GREAT and the prices were refreshing. Son had the Brat and Kraut with a huge helping of fries. Husband had the fish (watching his cholesterol) and it was delish. I had a white pizza which was big enough to share with everyone. The Bar snacks were sized very large for $3! We will totally be going back. I hope they make it. It was more busy than I remember Starlu being. (Oh, and apparently, you have to check out the bathrooms. My kids thought they were really cool>)

                      1. via twitter.

                        Apparently Shane Ingram has left both One and G2B. I still have yet to make it to either


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                          I have yet to make it to One (and it doesn't sound like I am missing much) but I liked G2B a lot when some of us CHs met up there a couple of weeks back.

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                            One and G2B are similar in menu structure and that chic modern atmosphere. ONE is laid out with a very open kitchen at which you can sit and a visible wine room/mini tower upon entering. It is a bit moodier in terms of color scheme and the bar is a separate place from the main dining room.

                            1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                              Maybe I need to check out One's menu again (babysitter night tonight!). I got the impression it was a bit fussier than G2B. I don't like too many ingredients on one plate, and somehow that was how i remember their menu reading. Going to go check it out now.

                              1. re: LulusMom

                                It may be but not sure how Shane Ingram leaving it is going to affect it. I would recommend AN in Cary before ONE in Chapel Hill. Especially if you haven't been to either.

                        2. G2B is now being run by a lady that worked at Table in NYC and One is being run by a chef that worked at Giorgios in Cary and Magnolia Grill.

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                            also, sunday's beer special is now $3 for imperial pints of speckled hen/guinness instead of $2.

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                              Any idea when the change (especially G2B) happened?