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May 12, 2011 12:50 PM

Le Georgia

Just had lunch at le georgia on Decarie. They have a pretty good lunch special, atleast compared to their regular prices. I must say It was pretty tasty! This time I got Borscht as an appetizer and a stuffed chicken leg(stuffed with mushrooms). Also came with salad and fries and desert and coffee or tea! All for 12.99$ before tax and tip. Last time I started with a russian potato salad which btw was the best Ive ever had and Beef stroganoff as a main, which was also really good. That plate was around 18$ though. It seems every time I go there its completely empty and Im waiting for a few minutes just for somebody to acknowledge that Im there cause theyre downstairs.So you would think that its an awful place but it really isnt, I would definetly give it a try for lunch as its much more worth it in terms of price.

Le Georgia
5112 Boul Decarie, Montreal, QC H3X2H9, CA

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  1. Agreed......excellent quality/value, especially at lunch....

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    1. re: CMT

      Thanks for this brief review--I have always wanted to try this place but sort of hesitated and now I'm definitely going to make my way to Decarie to try it. Is the dinner menu, or their regular prices, very expensive? I'd actually like to try it for dinner....if you have any thoughts.

      1. re: deborahm

        It's not crazy expensive for dinner but for example beef strogonoff will cost 18$ just for that instead of 18$ at lunch with an appetizer and desert. Everything I've tried was atleast pretty good. Pretty sure you will enjoy

        1. re: jay_81k

          Thanks again--I've been eyeing this place for awhile. I think I'll go for lunch on my first visit!