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May 12, 2011 12:43 PM

Breakfast Downtown Memphis - near Beale St.

We're judging Q at Memphis-in-May again this weekend . (Yeah! One of my very favorite weekends of the year) I've missed the last two years and don't remember my way around quite as well, particulary now that this year's competition has been moved inland to the Memphis Fairgrounds.

Definitately want a great breakfast when we arrive Friday morning - would love to find someplace within walking distance of the DoubleTree and Beale OR something that is an easy cab ride. We will be cabbing it from the airport and then doing the shuttle/cab thing to the fairgrounds.

What's your favorites?

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  1. We really enjoy the Blue Plate Cafe in Court Square for breakfast. Their biscuits and gravy are awesome, and my daughter looooooves their chocolate chip pancakes. The staff there have always been really warm and helpful. It'll be a few blocks away, but walkable I would think. There's also the trolley, my favorite option, which stops right at the park in Court Square.

    1. Take a cab to Arcade which is 6/7 blocks S of Beale. Stop by the National Civil Rights Museum on your way back. Good luck.

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        If there was a "like" button on Chowhound, I would sure hit it! The Arcade is the oldest restaurant in Memphis, but has an updated menu- and it is great!

        And the Civil Rights museum is practically right around the corner and it is even better!