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May 12, 2011 12:30 PM

Near Hotel Palomar

In town for a wedding next weekend. Looking for a nice lunch (Saturday) within walking distance of Hotel Palomar. Wife is vegetarian - so veg options are a must. Thanks!

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  1. Also, to add, we love great food and impeccable service in a casual setting that can accomodate a vegetarian (even though I'm not) without batting an eye. Something along the lines of Gramercy Tavern in NYC - that place is pitch perfect for me. This is our one meal in Philly (other than the wedding reception) so it's gotta be a memorable one...

    1. Does your wife eat fish or just vegetarian? Is cheese ok or are you really looking for vegan? You might look at Amis, one of Marc Vetri's restaurant. They serve an a la carte brunch on Saturdays from 10-2, that would have a variety of selections that your wife would be able to choose from. Perhaps not quite as elegant as Grammercy Tavern, but the service is top notch there.

      I am sure others have some great ideas as well.

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        Amis looks quite nice. My wife does not eat fish, but eggs and dairy are OK...

      2. Amis or PARC Brasserie? Which one is better? Also thinking about a drink (or two) at Village Whiskey. Is that place any good?

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          Amis by far. Parc is a nice place to get a drink and a cheese or charcuterie plate, nice atmosphere and great sidewalk seating overlooking the park.

          Drinks are good at VW but it's very small and gets crowded. Anywhere near to dinner time, forget it. You can get good cocktails at Franklin Mortgage & Investment closer to the hotel, or some nice wine and beer at Tria.

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            Both Parc and Amis are very good. It's like choosing between oranges and apples. Personally I'd look at the brunch menus and see what appeals to you. I have not had the brunch at Amis but the dinner there is very good. Parc has a delicious brunch and a great bread basket to go along with it. Amis is a smaller place while Parc is more of a to-be-seen experience. Enjoy!

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              Parc is a brasserie.. the level of the cooking, the style etc will not be in the Grammercy Tavern league. It is a wonderful place to eat, either outdoors or indoors on a Sunday morning. But you will definitely find more inventive cooking at Amis. Your wife will have plenty to choose from at either place on the brunch menu less so on the Parc Lunch menu. It all depends on the experience you are looking for.

              Barry is spot on about great drinks at Franklin Mortgage, with the caveat that they do not use vodka in drinks so if that is your poison of choice it is not for you. I think Noble is doing some great drinks. While people are not wowed by their food, the cocktails are really good.

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              Parc is decent (but a not-quite-as-good clone of Balthazar), Amis is great, but Osteria and Vetri are much better. As other posters have said, Amis is a solid restaurant but it's not on the 4 star level of Gramercy Tavern. If you're looking for upscale and near the hotel, check Lacroix. Personally a bit too stuffy, but that is fine dining and I have dined there with a vegetarian.

            3. This is why I love Chowhound! So much "food" for thought. My plan will be to try to get to Village Whiskey midafternoon Friday before the dinner crowd. Perhaps a post Rehearsal Dinner nightcap at Franklin Mortgage. Saturday brunch at Amis. Possible Sunday brunch at Parc.

              Osteria, Vetri, Lacroix, (and Zahav!) will have to await some future visit(s). A proper cheesesteak would be nice, but something tells me a sub roll with grilled onions and cheese whiz would probably not be too appetizing for my wife!

              Thanks to all for your suggestions.

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                Sounds like you're not driving but Tony Luke's has good cheesesteak (and roast pork) and a couple very good vegetarian options--the "Uncle Mike" is sharp provolone, sweet & hot peppers, red gravy, fried onions, spinach broccoli rabe. Captures the essence and flavor of a South Philly sandwich without the meat, it's really good and sloppy. You'd need to drive there, though.

                Primo's Hoagies, with a location not far from your hotel, makes really good Italian hoagies and has some great vegetarian options, like the Nonni's Veggie--fried eggplant, sharp prov, broccoli rabe, roasted red peppers. Again--a Philly-style sandwich without the meat.

              2. Update...for starters, thanks again for all the recommendations. Just got back from a great weekend in Philly. On Saturday wound up going to Amis for brunch. Sat at an outside table on a beautiful day. Service was competent if not particularly warm. Food was very well prepared. Ingredients top notch. Portions kind of small (and I never complain about small portions...until now). The meal was perfectly fine, but as is often the case the most memorable meals happen when you least expect them. That afternoon I really enjoyed petit fours and a plastic glassful of champagne at the Le Bec Fin booth outside of Le Bec Fin at the Rittenhouse Row street festival. Stumbled upon this booth while walking back to the hotel. That whole experience was totally unexpected and fun.

                Saturday night after the wedding made it to Frankiln Mortgage and Investment for a cocktail. Had the "Spinning Leslie" which was very, very good. Last call happened shortly after that, but I hope someday to return.

                This morning had some great pastries and a cafe Americano from Miel Patisserie before heading out of town and back to reality. I was very impressed with Philadelphia and it's restaurant scene. I can't wait to get back there (still need to get to Zahav - maybe this fall)...