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May 12, 2011 11:54 AM

Staying in Bloomington, any restaurants worth visiting?

Hello we'll be staying in Bloomington tomorrow (Friday) till Monday, at the Sheraton. Is there anywhere clsoe worth eating at? Lookng for something for a nice dinner, pizza, pasta, steak, ribs, etc., then things during the day like hamburgers, sandwiches, etc.
Would really like to find amazing hamburgers, and amazing pizza.

We'll be going to the Twins game, so anything close downtown would be okay too.


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  1. The purple sandpiper is the only place I would reccomend in Bloomington. Very good food and great beer and wine selection.

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    1. re: Alsama

      Thanks, we have a baby with us, will we be allowed in?

      1. re: doogie88

        I don't belive there would be any issue with having a baby. You may want to check though.

    2. Though I've never been, I've read a lot of good reviews for Parma 8200, which is only a few blocks from you, on the SW side of 494.

      Assuming you have a car (I will, since you are going to the Twins game), you have a huge number of choices between Bloomington and downtown. South Minneapolis holds arguably the best selection of restaurants in the Twin Cities. Things on all ends of the spectrum, both ethnically and price wise. In the end, the decision probably comes down to budget.

      All things considered, one of my first choices within walking distance of the stadium would be Black Sheep Pizza. Since you are going before the game, I assume you don't want a fancier spot. If you are looking for nicer spots near the stadium, Saffron and Cosmos are two of the best. 112 and Bar LaGrassa could also be considered, and both have more casual vibes (both are also extremely popular).

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        Thanks for the replies.
        Yeah I came across BLack sheep pizza already too.
        Price isn't an issue, but we have the baby with us, and aren't really wanting to get dressed up or anything, so mostly casual stuff. What about hamburers, is there some where downtown taht stands out?
        Ill look at Parma 8200 too.

      2. If you want a nice Irish pub around Target Field, I'd recommend Kierans at Block E. It's going to probably be a little busy, but the space is huge so you shouldn't have to wait for a table.

        Another place close to the field with good food is The Loon Cafe, on the corner of 1st ave and 5th street.

        If you're looking for pizza, I've heard good things about Black Sheep Coal Fired Pizza.

          1. I just had a thought, is there any place that has a good steak, like kobe steak, real kobe? I'm from Winnipeg, and we don't really have a steakhouse that serves it.

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              you will find more restaurants in msp that are doing local grassfed steaks than those doing kobe. however lots of visitors who aren't about the grass-fed like the experience at manny's downtown, it's a classic steakhouse if that's what you're after!

              Manny's Steakhouse
              825 Marquette Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55402

              1. re: doogie88

                Coastal Seafoods sells Kobe steaks, if you'd like to bring a couple back with you.

                Coastal Seafoods
                74 Snelling Ave S, St Paul, MN 55105