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May 12, 2011 11:22 AM

pasta price in Lisbon

Hello, I live in Italy and I'm doing a project with the University of Catania. This project involves the preparation of a international plan marketing on Italian pasta. So will also compare prices of popular brands of pasta in Portugal with those sold in Italy.
Does anyone know the average price of the following brands sold in Portugal?

- MoaƧor
- Insular
- Milanez
- Nacional

Thanks, it is very important.

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  1. @ Manuelamb

    I live here in Lisbon, Portugal and here are the prices that I pay on the average for various forms of pasta brands:

    Linguini (Nacional) 500g = 0,89 Euro
    Spaghetti (Nacioinal) 500g = 0,59 Euro
    Elbows (Milaneza) 500g = 0,89 Euro
    Fusilli (Milaneza and Nacional) 500g = 0,79 Euro
    Egg Tagliatelle (Milaneza) 500g = 1,99 Euro

    If you want other information, let me know and I can look into more detail for you. I hope that this helps.


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    1. re: vinhotinto75

      Thank you, very nice!

      if you have eaten this pasta as you could classify the quality of nacional and Milaneza from 1 to 4?
      Note that there is not much price difference with the Italian pasta!