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fresh pizza dough

Good afternoon chowhounders!

I am looking for a pizzeria that sells fresh dough. I live in the West Island, so somewhere out here would be best, but if you know a really amazing place downtown I'd love to hear it also!


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  1. Usually any pizzeria is more than happy to sell you some dough, so you might want to start with places you like to eat pizza at and go from there.

    1. The pizza place at Atwater market sells some but I believe it's frozen

      1. Cavallaro sells it frozen too, they're in Marche de l'Ouest.

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          I have yet to try this place out but maybe http://www.delmonaco.ca/about.html on the corner of Pierrefonds just west of Sources.

          Non West Island - Milano's carries fresh dough and it's decent.

        2. Thank you everyone! Very helpful :)

          1. Always been told that the secret of a perfect dough is that it's frozen. Any expert on the matter can explain this?

            1. I have bought very good fresh pizza dough in the past from the pizza place just across from Premiere Moisson in the Marche de L'Ouest. It would be worthwhile to see if they still do it.
              As for Delmonico's., I absolutely love their pizzas especially the onion and black olive with anchovies! Perhaps they sell fresh pizza dough as well.

              1. Cavallaro on St. Charles sold it the last time I was there. I wouldn't have noticed, but after I walked in, a few others came in and made a bee line for it, so I tried it out. Nice!

                1. I've tried way to many places to count. I started expermenting at home and not to toot my own horn, but it's hard to beat and that coming from many family, friends and strangers. But the best purchased fresh dough I recommend is a bakery in Lasalle. La Marchegiana Quebec Inc
                  7757, boul Newman, LaSalle, QC H8N 1X7
                  (514) 363-5312. Their baked pizza's are also incredible. It might be a little out of your way but well worth the detour. Just make sure you warm it up a bit before you start stretching the dough and make sure the bottom of your pizza pan is lightly coated with a good quality virgin olive oil. This will give it an incredible crispy bottom.
                  Buon appetito!

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                    I have ventured quite often to Marguerita Pizza, 6505 Clark, 276-6126. They sell pizza bread, foccacias, many Italian breads and rolls as well as fresh dough and IMHO, the best homemade pizza sauce. Well worth the trip!

                  2. Milano on St Laurent and while you are there the older lady behind the Charcuterie counter will give you the recipie on how to make your own with Italian "00" flour.Very easy to do!

                    1. Italian bakeries will sell you fresh dough - e.g. Molisana on Somerled, or NDG Bakery on Upper Lachine. You need to call during the day, or they will have used it all by end of day.

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                        How much would they charge for fresh pizza dough approx.?

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                          Can't remember. A couple of $. One bag is a lot. You can use the leftover to make foccacia the next morning.