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May 12, 2011 09:35 AM

fresh pizza dough

Good afternoon chowhounders!

I am looking for a pizzeria that sells fresh dough. I live in the West Island, so somewhere out here would be best, but if you know a really amazing place downtown I'd love to hear it also!


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  1. Usually any pizzeria is more than happy to sell you some dough, so you might want to start with places you like to eat pizza at and go from there.

    1. The pizza place at Atwater market sells some but I believe it's frozen

      1. Cavallaro sells it frozen too, they're in Marche de l'Ouest.

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          I have yet to try this place out but maybe on the corner of Pierrefonds just west of Sources.

          Non West Island - Milano's carries fresh dough and it's decent.

        2. Thank you everyone! Very helpful :)

          1. Always been told that the secret of a perfect dough is that it's frozen. Any expert on the matter can explain this?