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May 12, 2011 08:48 AM

Sorrento, Capri Restaurant Recommendations

I noticed several restaurant recs for Positano but not much on Sorrento and Capri. Looking for mid priced restaurant recommendations. Thanks so much.

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  1. In Capri - Da Giorgio. Great food, great view, friendly staff

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      Thanks! Do you know the price range?

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        In Sorrento, we ate at Rubinacchi, outside of the Hotel Eden. It was great with very good prices. The pizza there was excellent....4 euros or so depending on type....pastas were in the 7-10 euro range I believe. We had an excellent pasta with seafood, pasta with shrimp, zucchini and zucchini flowers, stuffed artichoke, stuffed zucchini flowers and fresh strawberries with lemon. Can't wait to go back to Sorrento and eat there. There is an outside garden and inside area. The night we were there it was filled with Italian families.

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          in Sorrento now and just stopped by Rubinacchi a couple nights ago. Mediocre pizza. Nothing like the authentic Neopolitan stuff. Quite disappointed. I guess your mileage may vary.

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          I don't remember the exact prices, but they were some of the lowest on the island, which can get quite expensive!!!

      2. In Capri I had a great meal at Il Riccio. It's located right on the water, above the Blue Grotto. Gorgeous setting.
        Another new place is restaurant at the Capri Tiberio Palace hotel. High end, but again, gorgeous setting. The food was fantastic last season, but haven't been there this year so I don't know if the chef is the same.
        There are several great pizzerie on the island. Here is an article which is a round up of the best, plus pictures. It's in Italian, but the list is helpful. It's by a very dependable Italian wine blogger:

        Hope this helps!

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          On Capri Graham Greene's favourite, Da Gemma, is still the best in town. The small restaurant at the top of the Clocktower is also excellent and gives you a wonderful view of the Piazza.

          Da Gemma
          Via Sasso 11, Amalfi, Campania 84011, IT

          1. We were just in this area and went to a mix of very high end (Don Alfonso, La Sponda, Il San Pietro) restaurants and mid-priced, more casual places. For middle price range with great food and good atmosphere, I would recommend the following:

            Positano: Da Vincenzo (try walking there after a drink at Palazzo Murat and a visit to the Church), Barilotto di Nonno (spaghetti with clams with chili oil is divine!) - walk there after a drink on the terrace at Hotel Il San Pietro.

            Sorrento: La Basilica (yummy pizza/good wine list) ...AVOID IL BUCO - Pricey and bland with mediocre service.

            Capri: Da Gelsomina in Ana Capri (home made pastas, fresh veggies, amazing views)

            In all 3 places, AVOID the beach front restaurants by the docks. There is nothing worth trying.

            Il San Pietro
            Via Laurito,2, Positano, Campania , IT

            1. I was in sorrento two weeks ago. Great and mediocre food. Walk around off the beaten path is best. Look at the menus and you also will be able to see the plates being served to the customers.
              Sorrento, Pizza Da Franco - Corso Italia 265 Town Centre.
              Capri, Trattoria Vergimiello. Via Lo Palazzo,25/A,Capri. Great prices, food and view on the cliif of Capri. Photos below

              fraz. San Rocco Seno d'Elvio.6, Alba, Piedmont 12051, IT

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                Pizza Da Franco! Was one of the highlights of my trip. Wish I had learned of it sooner and avoided some of the other places. We would have absolutely had more meals there. They only take cash.

                Anchovy pizza was surprisingly wonderful!

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                  Sorry this post is so late but for next time anyone is in Sorrento there is a small pizzeria called AHUM attached to a bowling alley next to the HILTON Hotel, he is an award winning Pizzaola, this is a very inexpensive local pizza place but is the best pizza I have ever eaten.