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May 12, 2011 08:16 AM

Hogfish bar and grill wayne?

Anyone know more about this place coming soon? (in or around the old thai pepper I think?)

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  1. No but, if it's affiliated with the one on Stock Island in the Keys, it should be a very good thing. They of course won't duplicate the on the water, outdoor experience but if they get some of their fresh seafood I'll be happy.

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    1. re: RC51Mike

      It's not affiliated with the one in Florida. It will be serving the Hogfish....which I believe isn't being served anywhere around...including the city.

    2. Hogfish in Wayne is open now!!
      It is outstanding. Bob Donovan, executive chef, is unbelieveably talented.
      Finally -- a really good seafood restaurant on the Main Line. Try it soon for lunch or dinner.

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      1. re: Lynnmccown

        Welcome, first time poster. I'm sorry that your endorsement of Hogfish last July did not receive any attention. However, I went there today and see potential, with caveats.

        First of all, it is in a sucko location. For those who remember The Thai Pepper on Lancaster (between Kody Lighting and the Farmer's Market), Hogfish now occupies the small space behind Thai Pepper that was once a Japanese restaurant. The TP space is still vacant and the windows are papered so it looks like the whole building is deserted. It isn't. Hogfish is around back with ample parking.

        I went there today for a quick lunch. Between noon and 12:45, I was the only restaurant patron. Two gents came in around 12:30 and ordered salads at the bar but I was it for the two- and four-tops. My waitress was more than accommodating but not intrusive. She got a good tip.

        Being in a hurry, I had the Fish and Chips. My plate of four small triangular medallions of battered Hogfish was a bit disappointing as a slightly larger hunk of fillet would have been more visually and economically appealing. A tartar/remoulade sauce was served on the side. The thick fries were abundant and complemented by a ramekin of ketchup. A fresh fruit garnish offered slices of fresh pineapple and orange.

        As for Hogfish, I may need to taste it in is natural, unbattered state to appreciate its nuances of shellfish diet. Tasty but not unique considering the efforts of the owner to get this rare fish shipped up here. The name may also be a turn off to some.

        I will be back to sample more fare when not in a hurry and hope that other Hounds will do the same. However, to stand out, Chef may need to focus more on classic offerings of the south Florida/Caribbean region and put the Manhattan chowder and Maryland crab cakes aside. A great Cuban Arroz con Pollo or a Jupiter Island Key Lime Pie would be real attractions for this Hound.