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May 12, 2011 08:03 AM

ISO: Poblano Pepper Plants

Anyone know where I can find poblano pepper plants anywhere in/around the GTA?

Humber Nurseries does not have them, Giardinos isn't selling this year, and Richters does not either.



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  1. Looks like you're SOL. I'd try shopping for seeds and start 'em next April--seriously. It's a demand thing as Humber told me last year. I've only had so-so results with poblanos relative to tomatillos.

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    1. re: Kagemusha

      After a bit more looking around, it appears so...

      In reality, they are becoming much more common. A few years ago the only place I could reliably find them was Kensington Market. Now, Sobeys seems to have them a lot, I see them occasionally at Longos, and while I've just started going to Sue's Market in Richmond Hill, they always seem to have them.

      In my quest to find them, you're not the first person who has said they can be somewhat difficult. That's completely opposite my experience with them - they've always been large, robust plants. 4-5 feet tall at least, with lots of fruit. I usually need to tie some of the stems up to avoid breaking them from the weight. Must have been lucky as I'm certainly no master gardener.

      Tomatillos are another beast entirely. I read them described as 'a semi-determinate tomato gone berserk', and find it quite fitting.

      I guess I'll grow some more tomatoes in their places.



      1. re: brianl999

        I saw them in Kensington Market earlier in the season and also at BestWin Supermarket (Vic Park south of Eglinton) a few weeks ago.


    2. Richter's has the seeds. Might be a little late to start for this year.

      1. Hi,

        I have a few tomatillo plants ( flowering already )

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        1. re: lilymex

          Tomatillos grow like weeds relative to poblanos. Too wet and too cold this year for a good start.

        2. We've split off a request for help growing ancho poblanos to a new topic on our Gardening board. You can find that post here: