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May 12, 2011 06:46 AM

Iggy's Croissants Rock

Just a reminder. I has the almond just now. Stuffed with Marzipan, covered with slivered almonds. As good as any in Boston. Heck almost as good as any, period. Clearflours might be a tiny smidge more delicate, but Iggy's Croissant rocks!

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  1. I'm a sucker for almond croissants - who carries them in Boston proper? I tried checking out the Iggy's website, but it's breathtakingly out of date.

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    1. re: Allstonian

      They will be available at the Copley Farmers' Market on the 18th.

      1. re: BostonZest

        Thanks! Although I'm assuming you mean the 17th.

        1. re: Allstonian

          yes, I have market schedules running though my head. The 18th is Prudential's opening.

          1. re: BostonZest

            Huh - I thought Pru was Thursdays? In any case, I look forward to markets again!

        2. re: BostonZest

          I finally got to the Copley Square market on Friday - I'm afraid I was not impressed with the almond croissant from Iggy's. The filling was fine, but the pastry was downright tough. Oh well.

      2. Is it too late to take that second apostrophe out of your headline? It confused me.

        I know of a few places that bake much of their own stuff but get their croissants from Iggy's, like the Wholy Grain and Cutty's. They are really fine (and are a boatload of work).

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        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Whew, thanks Sr. grammar checker ;-)

        2. I have to say that I prefer the ones from Japonaise -- almond and plain.

          On every other issue I agree with you.

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          1. re: FoodDabbler

            count me with Food Dabbler on this one. Something about the smaller size and crispness of Japonaise: they seem just right to me. Love the almond.

          2. Although it's a bit far out and I feel like a traiter (because I live a five minute walk from Clearflour and buy all my breads and croissants there) I still think Quebrada in Wellesley has the best Almond Croissants of anywhere. Tons of almond flavor, large, flaky, and a good amount of creamy marzipan inside. Their Pain au chocolates are good as well, especially if you like a higher ratio of chocolate than your standard PaC (although occasionally it's a little too much).

            I'll have to try Iggy's almond croissants. I love clearflour's escargot aux raisins and their plain croissants, but I've always felt the almond were a bit too subtle for my tastes. Also, Sportello in the seaport has great butter croissants.

            348 Congress Street, Boston, MA 02110

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            1. re: Klunco

              I totally agree with you on Quebrada's croissants.

              1. re: Klunco

                with almond croissants, your taste is my taste. but isn't quebrada still in arlington as well?

                All almond croissant lovers: when next in Burlington VT, get thee to Mirabelle, a bakery that is actually, honestly and fabulously- terrific, and just the thing that, if it were in Boston, would have me shut up about saying that Boston has NO great bakeries. Also, I'm guessing here, but maybe many of you that love almond croissants- also love almond horns- and Mirabelle's are unbeatable. And they freeze very well, so i always bring them home from there.

              2. Almond croissants are too serious to be left to the uncertainties of my memory. I got one from Japonaise on Thursday (Porter) and one from Iggy's on Friday (Fawcett). The Japonaise one was richer, with a crisper exterior. The Iggy's was lighter and more fragrant. I only eat almond croissants about 6 times a year, so as a dessert treat I'd personally go with Japonaise. But if I wanted something sweet every day with my morning coffee, I'd prefer Iggy's.