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May 12, 2011 05:50 AM

Tuesday Ferry Building Farmers Market

I just wanted some clarification here. I've read that a lot of vendors don't set up shop on Tuesdays so I wanted to know if the farmer's market is destination worthy to tourists? Implying that we won't be looking for groceries, we'd be more interested in prepared foods (4505's burger, Roli Roti's Porchetta sandwich, etc.) We only have 3 and a half days in the city before we travel up to wine country so would it be worth it to spend half a day here (we would probably check out the shops and restaurants inside as well)?

Actually let me edit this post: We could POSSIBLY make it on Saturday. Our flight arrives at 9:51am and we're staying close to the Civic Center BART stop so if we check our bags at the hotel and then take the BART up the Ferry building we could probably make it. My original plan was to get a mid-day brunch at Canteen. Should we really go through all of this trouble to check it out? I normally wouldn't bother as I'm usually not that impressed with outdoor markets, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Marche Jean-Talon in Montreal.

Thanks for clearing this up for us.

Roli Roti
, Hayward, CA

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  1. If you're going to be heading out for lunch on Saturday anyway, you might as well head towards the Ferry Building. As long as you get there before 2pm, there's plenty to see. Before noon is definitely the biggest crowd and vendor saturation.

    I have no basis of comparison with Marche Jean-Talon, but most people are amazed by the size and variety of both raw and prepared foods at this market. It's in a beautiful location that's a lovely place to walk in and of itself, and accessible to many tourist attractions (North Beach, Chinatown, Fisherman's Wharf are all within a mile or two). So if you get there and aren't interested, you can grab a quick lunch and not have wasted much time at all.

    1. Do it on Sat., unless your flight is delayed. If you hit it between 12-2 you'll get a very good sense of it and get to try a lot of things. I can't remember about Tuesdays.... but it's still a nice place to wander through, and of course there are the brick-and-mortar places inside to eat from if all the prepared food vendors aren't set up. Either way, you won't starve and you'll get quality food.

      1. Tuesday's market is more farmers, less prepared foods. No Roli Roti, no 4505. There are a few prepared food vendors, including Hapa Ramen. But it's not the extravaganza that a Saturday market is and fewer prepared foods than the Thursday market too. That said, it's my favorite mid-week market to pick up fruit/veg on my lunch break.

        Roli Roti
        , Hayward, CA

        Hapa Ramen
        ferry building, San Francisco, CA

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          Right. If prepared foods are your main interest, I wouldn't bother with Tuesday.

        2. Excellent. That settles that then. We'll check it out on Saturday. I'm having an immense amount of trouble planning out our week, but I'll create a separate post about that. It's gonna be a long one...