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May 12, 2011 05:20 AM

Whole Foods Nashua??

Apparently their website says a Nashua store is under development...anyone know where it's going? I do know they had inquired about going in the plaza with Five Guys but never heard any more about it.

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  1. Nice work! Indeed, the listing in Stores in Development for Nashua is back! Apparently, they tweeted about it on May 5...I'm going to start following their tweets probably, hopefully catch some news that way! Can't find anything else on the topic anywhere...I'm worried that if it goes where 5 Guys is, that it will be a small store, there isn't much parking there. Maybe they will break ground on that new shopping center, or they'll go into one of the spots near the mall where there have been some closings.

    1. I learned about them looking at the 5 Guys place when I got my haircut over there. Some woman who makes chocolates out of her home was also looking at opening a store front idea who she is. But all I see getting added right now is Sprint.

      There are soooo many open places right now. I hope they move quickly!

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      1. re: rizzo0904

        OMG I will just DIE! 5 guys is barely a mile from my house!

        1. re: SuperGrover

          Several years ago they were set to move into a large new outdoor lifestyle center that was going to be built off DW Highway behind Best Buy. When the economy tanked, that project died with it, along with WF in Nashua. I am not sure there is enough space for a WF near Five Guys. Further down 101A perhaps, but I think they'd want something as close to Rt 3 as possible to draw in the same northern MA crowd that shops DW Highway. What would be nice is if Markey Basket closed one of their two stores within a mile of each other along 101A , that would open up some prime space. But WF tends to build stores from the ground up, not renovate.

          I would think Bedford would be another good place for them to look.

          On a related note, the first Wegmans in New England opens in Northborough MA this fall. I had heard a lot about them and after having been to one in PA recently, I can see the appeal. The prepared foods section/restaurant blows away WF. I'd love to see them beat WF to the punch in southern NH but I doubt it will happen.

          1. re: Msample

            I wish WF would also consider Keene since they could draw from not only all of southwestern NH, but Southern Vermont, Northwestern Mass, and the upper Connecticut River Valley. However, if they proceed with the store in Nashua, I'm sure I will make the trip there from time to time, even if I have to fight the traffic on DW.

            1. re: Tedmom

              I think Trader Joes could do well in Keene, as they have a smaller footprint and are lower priced. I don't think there is enough of the WF demographic in the Keene area unfortunately.

              1. re: Msample

                My husband just brought up the Building 19 site. They just lease and the owners were going to punt them when Walmart was interested in buying.

                1. re: SuperGrover

                  That would be a great spot! I think I read that Wegman's is only going as far as Northampton.

                  MSample, don't know if you typed "Markey Basket" by accident, but it cracked me up bc my son calls it "Markey Baskey" and we always joke about that ;).

              2. re: Tedmom

                Keene is building a brand spankin new food coop in the center of town.

              3. re: Msample

                Can't say I agree with the comparison between Wegmans and Whole Foods *IF* they are building a large Whole Foods store with the bells and whistles. I have been to some small and crappy Wegmans that don't even have a bakery as good as Market Basket. However, I must admit that I come from Austin TX, home of the flagship Whole Foods. Now that I'm up in NH, the closest Whole Foods is in Andover and it isn't anything special.

                1. re: elctrnc

                  The only 2 Wegmans I have been have been brand new and they are monstrous, dwarfing the WF I go to down in Bedford MA occasionally. I think for both chains, new locations are trending towards the biggest formats. I'd be happy to see either in southern NH really.

          2. They can also move into an empty Blockbuster or Borders.

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            1. re: rizzo0904

              The Blockbusters I think will be too small...Borders, I was thinking of as well. It seems like all the old WF are the smaller ones, when they build them now, they seem to have all the features available in them. I'm thinking this one is going to be really nice.

              1. re: solargarlic

                Ugh, last thing I need is another stop on the DW Highway. Agreed Blockbuster is too small. The Building 19 site is intriguing. Certainly big enough.

                1. re: Msample

                  Aw, I like Building 19 though....and yes, I actually buy stuff there occasionally!

            2. this is amazing news. I hope it comes to fruition.

                1. re: whs

                  Not really much info there. They may not even have a location picked out yet and are just acknowledging that they are still looking. Then they have to get permits, construction, etc. Could be a while.

                  1. re: Msample

                    Apparently a lease has been signed, so I'd think they do have the location, just not disclosing it yet.