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May 12, 2011 01:59 AM

Saturday Night Help

Hi Chowhounds,

My wife and I are back in Paris this Saturday night for one final meal before heading home to Canada. On the earlier leg of our trip we had wonderful meals at La Regalade and Chez L'ami Jean (trip report coming).

My top choices for Saturday are all no-go's (Chez Denise - closed, Josephine - closed, Chez L'ami Louise - only time available is 22:00, Le Severo - closed for dinner)..

My wife and I are looking for great traditional bistro food (Steak tartare, esgargot, roasted chicken, pot au feu) that is actually open on a Saturday night.

Please help!


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  1. A little on the casual side is Cafe des Musees, open every day for lunch and dinner, though you should reserve. Steak tartare is dependably good, and they serve a great entree of roasted mushroom caps stuffed with escargots in garlic-butter sauce. Instead of roast chicken, there is a nicely roasted pigeonneau, but it is served pretty rare, which some people dislike. Two good "pot food" dishes to try are the Jambon Iberico with garlic and the Agneau en cocotte. Last week when I was there, white asparagus and gariguette strawberries were on every table, and with good reason. Service can be a little bumpy, as there are several new faces on the floor, but if you relax and go with the flow, you should have a fine experience.